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Expat Health Insurance News: Obesity 'often has mental causes'

Obese expatriate international health insurance customers may be overeating as a result of deeper, unresolved issues.

Ann Finnemore, owner of hypnotherapy and stress management services provider Getting You There, declared that these "emotional and psychological" factors must be dealt with in order for the problem to subside.

It is rarely due to a lack of understanding of the risks of consuming too much food or of the healthy options available, she noted.

People often experience anxiety, low self-esteem and a lack of control before going on binges or "emotional eating", the expert pointed out.

Ms Finnemore said this is what happens in "many cases of obesity".

Resolving this problem is both "empowering and sustainable" and is what her patients are generally looking for, she added.

It will enhance their confidence and self esteem and provides permanent lifestyle changes, Ms Finnemore asserted.

However, some sufferers of this condition instead seek a quick-fix approach, such as with a gastric band, liposuction or weight-loss surgery.

The expert claimed this is often when a person has "tried other methods and failed".

It is "very unfortunate" that individuals choose to undergo these procedures, especially when they are very young, she said, stating that she is concerned this is considered as an alternative to diet and exercise in some cases.

Even when someone is using liquid food for nutrition, they can still find a way to binge if the underlying causes for this action are not dealt with, Ms Finnemore noted.

She argued that surgery "will not resolve the person's emotional and psychological issues and so the behaviour is likely to continue afterwards".

The Weight Loss Surgery Info website points out that many people can feel cravings for their favourite meals after this kind of operation, even if they feel full.

It may take them some time to get used to their new relationship with food, it continued.

Snacking throughout the day, eating take-aways or consuming excessive amounts of alcohol are warned against, while some men and women will also have to abstain from chocolate.

"Soup is a great standby," the advice asserts.

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