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Expat Health Insurance News: 'Many health benefits' to exercising when pregnant

Pregnant expatriate international health insurance policyholders may want to carry on exercising.

This has "many health benefits" for both mother and child, said Jo Taylor, who is a midwife for baby charity Tommy's.

Women who did not generally work out before they were expecting may wish to begin by engaging in physical activity for 15 minutes three times a week, the healthcare professional claimed.

She suggested this should be increased "bit by bit" until sessions last for half an hour and take place four times every seven days, which should then become "daily exercise".

Research recently published in Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica revealed important indicators of a baby's weight at birth include the mother's body mass index before she became pregnant, as well as any pounds put on while expecting.

High birthweights are linked to being overweight or obese in adulthood so these findings could impact public health, the researchers remarked.

The investigation also discovered educational attainment of the mum was also linked to the size of a newborn, with females who had been in school and university for over 17 years giving birth to children 79.2 grams heavier than those who had studied for nine years or less.

Unnni Mette Stamnes Koepp of the Department of Pediatrics at Soerlandet Hospital and the University of Oslo, who led the study, argued: "Encouraging women to attain a healthy weight before conception and keep a moderate weight gain during pregnancy is important to avoid high or excessive birthweight in offspring."

Ms Taylor also pointed out staying fit and remaining active can prepare a woman's body for the stresses it will experience over pregnancy and during childbirth, while also helping them to control their own size.

However, she argued expectant females must avoid engaging in high-impact or contact sports.

Instead, swimming and walking were recommended by the midwife, who called them "good exercises for pregnancy".

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