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Expat Health Insurance News: Expats more at risk of fraud

Expats are more at risk of fraud than Britons living in the UK, according to new reports.

Following research from CIFAS, the UK fraud prevention agency, showing 80,000 instances of identity fraud in Britain last year, Expat Forum reports that banks are increasingly aware that expats are particularly high-profile targets.

The online expat portal explained that Britons living overseas are more likely to use services such as online and mobile phone banking and as such, should be vigilant against potential threats such as phishing and pharming.

Web users are reminded that banks advise customers not to respond to emails asking for account details, as reputable financial institutions will not ask for such information.

"Another [risk] is pharming where the fraudster hijacks the domain name of a bank and re-directs you to a bogus website that looks like the genuine thing but is a means of getting your personal banking details," the site reported.

As well as being vigilant against an increased risk of fraud overseas, expat health insurance customers may gain peace of mind by researching policy providers carefully before buying cover to ensure there are no shortfalls in protection.ADNFCR-1788-ID-800217544-ADNFCR

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