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Expat Health Insurance News: Brawn beats brains in Majorca

Across Majorca, education takes second place to practical skills, according to the Telegraph’s resident expat blogger Anna Nicholas.

In her latest update, the freelance writer explained that when she first moved to a rural region on the Balearic isle, she was confused to find that her neighbours were little interested in academic acumen, but were rather intrigued to know whether she possessed any practical skills such as cooking.

Looking into the matter, Ms Nicholas discovered that in Majorca, an island built on tourism, children leave education at a substantially lower average age than in mainland Spain, and also achieve lower grades.

And, as one of her neighbours explained, a good education is of little importance to Majorcans looking for a partner.

"What we women really want is a hunk who’ll roll up his sleeves. No one has use for an impractical intellectual around here," said one resident.

In another recent article, Ms Nicholas commented on Valencia’s decision to prevent early-retiree expats from accessing free public healthcare, stating that foreigners living in the country are wrong to expect free and limitless support from the health system.

With no free healthcare available, early retirees living in the region may benefit from taking out an expat medical insurance policy.

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