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Corporate Insurance

Group Medical Insurance Plans & Key Person Insurance

Expatriate Group are your specialists for group global insurance solutions.  From blue-chip companies and SMEs to voluntary organisations and NGOs, we can protect your workforce. We look after over 120 different nationalities across 180 different countries.

What is Corporate Insurance?

Do you have members of your business working overseas? For companies with as few as three staff working abroad, Expatriate Group can provide fully tailored insurance policies at a discounted price. This ensures personnel are protected regardless of what country they are in.

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Expatriate Group are also able to provide a suite of international employee benefits including:

What is a Group Insurance Policy?

We know that sourcing group insurance to cover volunteers or society members who are operating overseas can be difficult and expensive. However, Expatriate Group offer a variety of insurance policies at a discounted price so that all team members working around the world can be covered.

Access to First Class Business Health Insurance

Access to first class medical treatment overseas is imperative, not only to attract the very best personnel to your company, but to ensure that you have a happy and healthy workforce who are safeguarded. Time away from work because of an accident or illness needs to be kept to a minimum and any accidents or illnesses require the very best outcome; especially for your key personnel overseas.

Group Medical Insurance Discount

Sizeable group discounts are available for companies with as few as 3 employees. Larger groups enjoy cover without any medical conditions exclusion and policies that are fully tailored to meet your specific needs. We will also experience underwrite your business to ensure that you are receiving the best deal possible for your company (where supporting data is available).

Business Health Insurance

International healthcare insurance for your expatriate employees, no matter where they are in the world. With 24-hour assistance available 365 days a year, no restrictions on hospitals or clinics, and comprehensive benefits tailored to your corporate needs, Expatriate Group is best placed to ensure that your workforce obtains the best treatment and is provided with total peace of mind.

Small Business Health Insurance

Expatriate Group can cover businesses and organisations with as few as 3 employees. You will receive the exact same cover as larger groups and enjoy all the benefits too.

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International Employee Benefits

Group Healthcare Insurance

International healthcare insurance for your expatriate employees, no matter where they are in the world. With 24 hour / 365 day assistance, no restrictions on hospitals or clinics and comprehensive benefits, tailored to your corporate needs, Expatriate Group is best placed to ensure that your workforce obtains the best treatment and is provided with total peace of mind.

Group Life Insurance

Expatriate Group work with world leading partner networks to provide international group life (sometimes called ‘death in service’) insurance.

The group policy protects against a death from any cause , providing comprehensive cover to the employer or the employees family.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) & Permanent Disability coverage is available as either a rider benefit or as a stand-alone benefit, covering employees in the unfortunate event of the loss of a limb or the loss of sight.

The policy allows all employees automatic access with free cover limits (usually a multiple of salary) set to meet most needs. Individual underwriting is also available for key personnel requiring higher limits or specialist protection.

Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance (previously often referred to as Key Man insurance) insures the company in the event of the temporary or permanent loss of key staff.

Cover can be tailored to provide a lump sum benefit in the event of the death or permanent disablement of a key member of staff; to replace lost income or cover the cost of locating and replacing personnel.

Cover can also provide a benefit for the period a key member of staff is away due to a temporary disability.

Income Replacement Insurance

An appointment overseas generally doesn’t come with any form or social security or financial safety net. Suffering from an accident illness to renders you unable to do your do your normal occupation can be financially devastating. Expatriate Group has two policies that are able to provide some certainty for an employee and their family if they are no longer able to work:

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance: A lump sum benefit of up to 10 times the gross annual income in the event that the employee is permanently disabled from being able to attend their normal occupation. In the event of ‘partial’ disablement a scale of benefits applies.

Income Replacement Insurance: Pays an amount of up to 70% of the employee’s gross salary to the age of 65.

Group Travel Insurance

Designed especially by Expatriate Group, our international travel insurance policy allows companies to cover their employees under a single policy for any and all trips overseas.

Cover can either provide a specific aggregate number of days or a ‘multi-trip’ policy giving all employees the freedom to travel as frequently as they need without restriction.

The cover provides health, evacuation, baggage, travel delay, third party liability, loss of money and passport.

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