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Check expat medical insurance before travel

Travellers are being urged to check the small print of their overseas medical insurance policies if they are planning on hiring a two-wheeled vehicle when abroad.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) warns that many expatriates and other travellers are being injured on roads abroad each year and accidents involving hired scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and quad bikes are common in tourist hotspots.

Unfamiliar roads coupled with uncertainty over local customs means a greater likelihood of someone having to make a claim on their expat health insurance policy.

"You could face extremely high bills for medical treatment if you are injured as a result of a road accident and you do not have valid insurance cover," the FCO explains.

Wearing a crash helmet and checking that the hire company is reputable and licensed to hire to tourists are some steps travellers can take to reduce the chances of an accident, and therefore the likelihood of having to make claims on international health insurance.

The FCO is also advising travellers with a pre-existing medical issue to consult a doctor prior to departure if they are visiting Russia due to the air pollution from forest fires.

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