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Overseas Health Insurance News: Could new vaccine help tackle obesity?

A new vaccine that could help tackle high obesity rates may be available in the future if new studies prove effective.

Research conducted by Braasch Biotech found two somatostatin jabs, known as JH17 and JH18, have proven successful at reducing weight gain and increasing weight loss in mice.

Somatostatin is a peptide hormone that inhibits the action of several growth hormones that increase metabolism and therefore result in weight loss.

By injecting a modified version of this, scientists were able to get the mice to generate antibodies to somatostain, effectively removing the inhibitions on the growth hormones, leading to increased energy expenditure and weight loss.

Keith Haffer of Braasch Biotech said: "Although further studies are necessary to discover the long term implications of these vaccines, treatment of human obesity with vaccination would provide physicians with a drug- and surgical- free option against the weight epidemic."

Obesity is a growing problem for many countries and can cause numerous health problems – such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes – that individuals may need to use expatriate health insurance to treat.

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