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International Health Insurance News: Long antibiotic holiday needed

Expat insurance customers might be interested to learn that the medical profession is taking a close look at its use of antibiotics.

Research conducted at Yale University has found that we need to take a long holiday from using antibiotics.

Indeed, the research, which was also carried out at the University of Tromso in Norway, found that we need to lay off the drugs for over 40 years to reinstate their effectiveness.

Heavy use of antibiotics has created a "host of dangerous drug-resistant pathogens", endangering public health.

Jeffrey Townsend, assistant professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and co-lead author of the study, commented: "Bacterial populations have evolved resistance to most antibiotics we have.

"Since we have failed to develop new antibiotics, many people have proposed that we just need to pause our usage of the ones for which resistance has reached a high frequency. Unfortunately, that alone does not appear to be a viable solution."

The thinking behind introducing a break from antibiotics is that the bacteria they fight pay a high evolutionary cost to maintain the resistance trait.

As such, in the absence of necessity, the trait would be likely to eventually disappear.

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