Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Qatar may become the new Dubai -
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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Qatar may become the new Dubai

Brits seeking an expatriate destination have been told that Qatar has the potential to become the new Dubai.

Robin Sutherland, general manager at the comparison website, said Qatar offers natural beauty and luxury.

He explained that the emirate is "a bit like Dubai" was ten or 20 years ago and tends to be a deluxe option for those travelling to the United Arab Emirates or moving to the region.

"It has been growing as a destination, but it's quite niche and it tends to be higher-end travellers that go there," the expert remarked.

"It wouldn't surprise me if they used the World Cup as a springboard to drive tourism and to drive people into Qatar."

Indeed, Mr Sutherland's comments come after Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup – a decision that could drive significant development in the emirate and open up investment opportunities for expatriates moving abroad.

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