UAE is Championed by Expats for Safety and Security -

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UAE is Championed by Expats for Safety and Security

New research conducted by global money transfer company, Xpress Money, revealed that 86% of expats are proud to call the UAE their home. Those surveyed expressed that the country offered a great quality of life, good job opportunities, and a great sense of safety and security.

The information garnered was in light of a countrywide expat survey conducted by Xpress Money to mark the 45th UAE National Day.

Interestingly, 38% of respondents considered the UAE to be their home despite not always living there, stating elevated security and safety the number one reason for this. A quarter of UAE-based expats feel that a move to the country has given them an enhanced quality of life, while 27% love the cultural diversity and elevated job opportunities.

Ashwin Gedam, Vice President of Xpress Money’s global marketing commented: “We conducted this survey to comprehend the social cohesion of the UAE’s multi-cultural society, and understand what makes the country a preferred destination for expats. The UAE is home to around 7.8 million expatriates from the world over. The nation’s vibrant economy, dynamism, and the vision of its leaders has created a safe, welcoming and enriching lifestyle for the country’s residents.”

The sentiments of Gedam were deciding factors when current expats were making their choice to move to the Middle East. Over 70% moved to the UAE on the hunt for career opportunities, whilst 20% moved because their spouse or family members were there. Interestingly, every second-generation expat who is born and raised in the UAW considered the country their home, regardless of their parent’s heritage.

The results also revealed that 47% of expats believe that the UAE has given their families back in their home country and 33% state that living in the UAE has helped their dreams come true. Furthermore, 18% of foreign nationals praise the country for a boost in their careers.

It doesn’t matter whether you have lived in the UAE for one year or 10 years; expats across the board feel comfortable enough to call the country home.

Ashwin continued, “We’re seeing that the security, economic vibrancy and quality of life the UAE provides is resulting in more people staying for longer, and becoming a part of the nation’s success story. This gives the UAE a competitive socio-economic edge because less transient populations are more likely to be productive members of society. The survey indicates the strength of the UAE’s founding values of tolerance and inclusivity, and shows how the country’s commitment to innovation and prosperity is helping attract global talent.”

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