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International Travel Insurance

Expatriate Healthcare’s International Travel Insurance TravelCare policy covers all nationalities, travelling anywhere in the world.

You can cover a specific single trip or, for total flexibility, an annual policy that covers you for any trip you take abroad; regardless of how often you travel.

With a core international travel insurance policy, additional policy options and destination tailoring, you can adapt cover and premiums to provide you with exactly the right travel insurance solution for you.

Worldwide Single Trip & Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

The TravelCare Expat Travel Insurance allows you the freedom to purchase either a single trip insurance plan or an annual multi-trip travel product, allowing you to travel as frequently as you like with complete peace of mind.

Annual multi-trip plans allow you to select to be covered in either the EU or Worldwide; with maximum trip lengths of 42 or 90 days.

Primary Module – Medical Treatment & Evacuation

This is the core policy option, which provides the important medical cover against the high cost of medical treatment and emergency medical evacuations. The standard plan benefits also provide you with 24-hour access to trained nurses to ensure that medical advice is only ever a phone call away.

Option 1 – Enhanced Benefits

This optional level of protection also covers you against the additional losses to property, liability and accidents that you may suffer whilst travelling abroad.

Option 2 – Cancellation & Curtailment Cover

Cancellation and Curtailment covers you in the event that your trip is unexpectedly cancelled or you are forced to return home early.

Please review the policy working for full details of the policy benefits and exclusions.

Click here to download policy wording and benefit schedule.

Expat Travel Insurance FAQ

A comprehensive expat travel insurance policy can protect you against a variety of scenarios such as, emergency medical treatment and bank card theft protection.

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Travel Insurance Benefit Schedule

Single Trip & Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

The Benefit Schedule is a summary of travel cover and must be read in conjunction with the Policy Wording.

All Coverages and Plan Costs listed in this Schedule of Benefits are in Euros amounts. All benefits will be reimbursed at Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) charges where applicable. Amounts shown are the maximum per policy and period of cover, except where otherwise stated.

Emergency Medical EvacuationEUR 100,000
Air Ambulance100% per Trip
Accompaniment€300 per day up to €3,000 per Trip
Continuation€5,000 per Trip
Repatriation for Medical Treatment100% per Trip
Care Management100% per Trip
Outpatient & GP Benefits

Acute/emergency Sickness and Injury

100% per Trip

Treatment by authorized physicians, nurses and specialists

100% per Trip

Hospitalization (semi-private rooms)

100% per Trip

Surgery, anesthesiologist

100% per Trip

Prescribed medicines, dressings

100% per Trip

Local transport to and from the place of treatment

100% per Trip

Treatment by physiotherapists and chiropractors

€2,500 per Trip

Medically Necessary required durable medical equipment

100% per Trip

Limited motorcycle and sports vehicle coverage for injuries only

€10,000 per Trip

Emergency dental treatment for immediate relief of pain

€500 per Trip

Non-Hazardous Sports Coverage

€150,000 per Trip

Other Benefits

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

€25,000,000 per Trip


€500 per Trip
Add On Option 1: Enhanced Benefit Options
Baggage Delay 1€100 per day up to €700 per Trip
Baggage Loss / Theft €500 per Item up to €2,500 per Trip;
subject to €100 Deductible per Trip
Personal Liability€100,000 per Trip
Accidental Death & Disability / Permanent Total Disability€100,000 per Trip
Additional Hospital Benefit (per day / total benefit)€75 per day up to €600 per Trip
Physical Assault€5,000 per Trip
Money and Documents (tickets, cash, banknotes)€500 per Trip
Loss of Passport€250 per Trip
Travel Delay 1€100 per day up to €1,000 per Trip
Missed Departure€1,000 per Trip
Legal Expenses€10,000 per Trip
Hijacking€1,000 per Trip
Emergency evacuations for Non-Medical reasons, including War, Civil Unrest, or Natural Disasters€1,500 per Trip
Add On Option 2: Cancellation and Curtailment Benefit Options
Cancellation and Curtailment 2€2,000 per Trip;subject to €100 Deductible per Trip
Compassionate Repatriation (Family Return)€6,000 per Trip
1. Benefit does not apply to One Way Trips.
2. Benefit not available to residents of the USA
Add On Option 3: Winter Sports Package – Limited to 21 days in aggregate per Policy Period
Ski Equipment Owned Hired Single Item Limit Unreceipted Items Limit Unreceipted Single Item Limit Up to €300 Up to €300 €300 Up to €150 €50
Ski Hire€25 per day up to €300
Ski Pack€50 per day up to €300
Piste Closure€25 per day up to €300
Delay Due to AvalancheUp to €300
Add On Option 4: Business Equipment & Money
Business Equipment Single Item Limit Computer Equipment Single Item Limit Samples Limit Unreceipted Items Limit Unreceipted Single Item Limit Delayed Business Equipment Emergency Courier of Essential Business Equipment Up to €1,500 €500 €750 €400 Up to €300 €50 €100 per day up to €300 Up to €400
Business Equipment Hire€100 per day up to €500
Business Money Cash Limit Up to €500 €200
Add On Option 5: Golf Cover – Limited to 21 days in aggregate per Policy Period
Golf Equipment Single Item Limit Unreceipted Items Limit Unreceipted Single Item Limit Up to €1,000 €200 Up to €300 €50
Golf Equipment Hire€50 per day up to €250
Non Refundable Golfing Fees€50 per day up to €250

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FAQs International Travel Insurance Plans

Am I eligible to purchase your International Travel Insurance?

We are able to insure:

Single Trip Policy: A Single Trip Policy can be purchased before the Insured Person obtains age 72;

Annual Multi-Trip: An Annual Trip Policy can be purchased before the Insured Person obtains age 71. This Policy will not be renewable at the anniversary date;

provided that you are departing from and returning to the same country (or have a defined destination country of one-way trip) and you are not travelling to a country/region where the UK FCO advises against (

What is my country of residence?

Your country of residence is whichever country you are travelling from (and usually back to, unless you have purchased a one-way trip policy) regardless of your immigration or nationality status. This is the country to where you will be returned in the event of a repatriation claim.

Should I choose Worldwide or European cover?

European cover should be selected if your destination country, or countries, is within the continent of Europe. The countries listed as Europe can be seen in the question mark display button next to destination when getting a quote.

Worldwide cover should be selected if the country of your destination is not listed as being within Europe.

Is your International Travel Insurance plans worldwide?

Yes, our travel insurance policies have an option to provide cover in Europe only or Internationally/Worldwide. The Europe only option is cheaper than the worldwide option and allows some customers to tailor the travel insurance product to their own travel plans.

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