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UK Expat News

Many British expats will be moving back to the UK

The cliché of British retirees moving to warmer countries and living the lifestyle of their dreams may become a thing of the past. A third of British expats who settled abroad are planning on returning to the UK, figures suggest, in new findings published by NatWest International Personal Banking.In the study, 97% of expats stated they are dissatisfied with their experience abroad, citing an increased cost of living as a cause for concern. Furthermore, 99% of those asked pointed towards constant ... Read more

UK Offers Top Expatriate Remuneration Packages

Expat salaries around the world are far from uniform.Just a quick scout around will reveal that expats working in some countries are remunerated far more generously than in others. The question is where expats are actually earning the most money?It’s this exact question that international remuneration company ECA sought to answer in their recently-published survey.The survey, entitled the MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey includes responses from 320 companies covering 167 countries. In addition, over 10,000 individual responses were also received. All of ... Read more

UK Welcomes Tech Expats with New Visa Process

In a time when so many countries around the world are making expats jump through ever more hoops, the UK has taken the opposing stance.Now a new policy promises to make moving to the UK for work that much simpler for the most talented workers. It is important to note that these new regulations are designed to attract top talent in the tech sector, rather than covering the entire job market.The British Conservative government has made no secret of the fact ... Read more

22% of Brits Fail To Take Their Paid Holidays

It’s a sad sign of the times that while global travel is more achievable and affordable than ever before, an increasing number of us are failing to take our full holiday entitlement.Instead almost a quarter of us are knowingly giving up the time off which is rightfully ours in order to do more work than is necessary.So it isn’t just bad enough that an increasing percentage of Brits can’t afford to go on holiday; now we’re failing to even take the ... Read more

Almost a Quarter of Brits Took No Holiday This Year

While travel may broaden the mind, it can also lighten the wallet.This is a discovery being made by an increasing proportion of Brits who are opting to take no holidays in 2015.While we may take some time off work (though even then many of us are failing to take our full entitlement) ever more people are choosing to spend their precious holiday time at home.The annual ABTA Holiday Habits Report does much to reveal the secrets of how Brits are spending ... Read more

50% Fewer Expat Brits Consider Their Move Permanent

In 2008 Natwest International Personal Banking carried out a survey to assess the global expatriate scene.Their focus was on Brits who had moved abroad – whether that was for work or retirement.At the time roughly two thirds of British expats surveyed considered their move “permanent”.Many had moved to Europe, the sunnier parts of the United States or to Australia and stated that they had no plans to return to the UK – some even renouncing their citizenship.What a difference a few ... Read more

The Top Ten Destinations for British Expats

If all the immigrants arriving in Britain every day are to be believed then Brits have things pretty good.They live in a politically stable country which, despite its diminutive size, still holds sway on a global scale.London is one of the world’s great financial and cultural hubs, the quality of life is considered very high and they benefit from free healthcare in the form of the NHS and a high quality education system.Really, what’s not to like?Well a few things as ... Read more

Which Country Is Best For Expats? – Infographic

It's not until you're thinking about moving abroad that you suddenly realise just how many options there are. From The United Arab Emirates to the United States of America, from Ireland to Iceland, how do you know which expat destinations are best?Arguably one of the most useful strategies is to consider the factors that are most important to you. For example, if you're moving abroad for work, which countries offer the highest salaries to expats? Equally, the cheaper the costs of ... Read more

72% of Brits to Holiday at Home in 2015

We live in amazing times. We have more information about travel destinations than ever before. Savvy shoppers can pick up a flight for less than a meal for two and many package holidays in the sunshine work out cheaper than your everyday life.Yet it seems that isn’t enough to coax many Brits overseas – with almost three quarters of the UK population planning for a “staycation” in 2015.Whilst jetting off to the sun for a few weeks of rest and recuperation ... Read more
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