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Expat Walks 600 Miles to Show His Love for UAE

All too often the news from the expat community is bad; many expats, especially less skilled migrants, are often viewed with suspicion. Concerns are voiced about expats taking jobs from locals. Healthcare systems and public transport officers claim to be suffering under the strain. Nimbyism persists. But not all stories end like this. Every once in a while expats are applauded for their selfless attitudes, and are held up as an example to the rest of us. Mohammed Idris Malek is one such expat recently ... Read more

Christmas Carol Helps Expats Understand UAE Culture

Let’s be honest; for many of us, Christmas is the one time of year that many of us let our hair down. From the classic office Christmas party, to mulled wine and eggnog, through to the questionable merits of mistletoe, if we’re going to misbehave then it’ll most likely be during the festive season. This is all well and good when others are behaving the same way. In the UK and the USA, for example, a little merriment at Christmas is almost expected. ... Read more

13 Websites That Make Moving to Dubai a Breeze

Moving abroad as an expat is one of the most exciting – yet nerve-racking – things that any of us do. According to statistics just moving house within your home country is rated as more stressful than getting divorced or being made redundant. Just imagine how that stress can multiply when moving half way round the world. Yet every day more and more of us willingly choose to become expats; whether that’s to further our careers, to follow a loved one or just ... Read more

LinkedIn Names UAE as Top Expat Destination

LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals, has just published some fascinating research based on member profiles. With a reported 364 million members LinkedIn has a lot of data to work with. Their latest findings are based on the locations of their members, looking particularly at changes to their country of residence during 2014. The recently-published research aimed to find those locations that are most popular with professionals, and in doing so to deduce the top expat destinations in the world based ... Read more

UAE Considers Introducing VAT

The UAE has become famous globally as a top expat destination. These days 8 out of every 9 people in the United Arab Emirates is an expat, drawn by strong career prospects and a tax-advantaged system. Now, however, the government in the UAE is considering making changes to their low-tax economic policies, with the potential introduction of both VAT (sales tax) and corporation tax on companies being run from within the Emirates. There are a number of reasons suggested for these recent discussions. ... Read more

Which Country Is Best For Expats? – Infographic

It's not until you're thinking about moving abroad that you suddenly realise just how many options there are. From The United Arab Emirates to the United States of America, from Ireland to Iceland, how do you know which expat destinations are best? Arguably one of the most useful strategies is to consider the factors that are most important to you. For example, if you're moving abroad for work, which countries offer the highest salaries to expats? Equally, the cheaper the costs of ... Read more

Sudanese Expats in UAE Struggle with New Passports

Like many developing nations, Sudan relies heavily on expat remittances to help Sudanese families make ends meet. In the United Arab Emirates alone there are estimated to be over 300,000 Sudanese expats, mostly working in the burgeoning construction industry. Each year these expats send millions of dollars back to relatives in the Sudan. Unfortunately however, a new policy is causing concern among Sudanese expat workers. It has been agreed that as from November 2015, the standard Sudanese passport will no longer be ... Read more

Secrets of Expat Schooling in the UAE Revealed

For expats with children, one major concern when moving abroad is education. With many countries differing significantly not just in the quality of education on offer, but also the resulting qualifications, choosing the “best” school for your children while living in a foreign country can be problematic to say the least. The problem is of course even more extreme in situations where the native tongue is different to your own; meaning that sending your children to a locally-run school may just be ... Read more

Half of Expats in UAE Consider Leaving

" The United Arab Emirates have long been one of the top expat destinations in the world, drawing in highly qualified workers from around the world with the promise of a tax-free salary. Under such circumstances, the already reasonable wages on offer to qualified expats can look positively generous, and enable many workers in the kingdom to put money aside for a rainy day. This is the very same money which would otherwise have been eaten by tax in most other countries. Moving ... Read more

UAE Introduces Changes to Expat Wills

" When we think about moving abroad, the most common factors considered are job opportunities, the costs of living, and the climate. Very few of us make the legal system a priority in our decision making process. Yet according to reports from the United Arab Emirates, some exciting changes are happening surrounding the wills of expats living in the country. Furthermore, while these changes may seem small to some, they're a further example of how ''expat-friendly'' the nation has become, and how ... Read more
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