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Switzerland Expat News

The Facts Around Working Abroad

According to the United Nations an incredible 232 million people are now living in a country in which they weren't born. Expat life is truly a global phenomenon with ever more of us travelling around the world for better weather, increased career prospects or more competitive salaries. According to HSBC, who surveyed 22,000 expats around the world recently, 58% of all the expats they spoke to moved abroad because of their career. Reasons cited include better job prospects, new challenges or employer requests. But ... Read more

Top 5 European Countries for Expats

In the recent past, here at the Expatriate Healthcare news section, we dove headlong into the 2015 HSBC Expat Explorer survey. The annual publication was the most extensive ever this year, taking into account the independent feedback of almost 22,000 different expats around the globe. In essence, the freely-available report aims to provide a “helicopter view” of the expat experience, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of individual countries as expat destinations. Regular readers of this column will know that Singapore was recently voted ... Read more

Which Nations Are Most Prosperous?

Trying to ascertain the “best” country to live in can be problematic because of the number of factors that can be taken into account. As seasoned expats and world travellers will have discovered, each country has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some have stronger economies, others weaker. Some have a low cost of living while others don’t. How do you boil all those elements down into a workable figure, in order to decide which countries offer global wanderers the very best lifestyle? Fortunately ... Read more

Switzerland’s Expat Ranking Tumbles in 2015

Of all the annual expat surveys it is perhaps the HSBC Expat Explorer survey which is most eagerly anticipated. With over 22,000 survey respondents from expats living in 39 countries around the world it is one of most extensive such surveys – and as a result offers some of the most intriguing insights. The Expat Explorer survey aims to ask respondents about a range of factors pertaining to their experiences living and working in a foreign country. These range from their feelings about job security, to ... Read more

Expats in Luxembourg Enjoy Highest Purchasing Power

Many major cities around the world – such as London and Los Angeles – have established a reputation for being expensive destinations in which to live. Whether it’s the price of buying or renting property, owning a vehicle or the costs of entertainment one of the temptations of expat life is moving to somewhere where your money will go further. After all, if you can maintain your current income level but move to a country where the costs of living are lower then ... Read more

The 3 Most Expensive Places for Expats to Live

Where are the most expensive places for expats to live? Right now you might be thinking about the price of real estate in New York City, or public transport in the UK. Perhaps one of the Scandinavian countries with their impressive salaries – but also extreme levels of taxation? If so, you might be surprised by the 2015 Cost of Living Rankings, produced by global expat compensation experts Mercer. Their comprehensive study aims to take as complete a view as possible of the ... Read more

Where Are The Happiest People In The World Found?

Conversations about expat destinations or where to visit on your holidays often tackle subjects like the cost of living and the weather – but very rarely the local culture. But isn’t that just as important? Wouldn’t we all rather be surrounded by happy, satisfied people than whinging, dissatisfied ones? If so, you’re in luck. The World Happiness Report calls itself “a landmark survey of the state of global happiness”, and while the concept may sound “hokey” it is actually based on solid science ... Read more
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