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spain Expat News

The Top Ten Destinations for British Expats

If all the immigrants arriving in Britain every day are to be believed then Brits have things pretty good. They live in a politically stable country which, despite its diminutive size, still holds sway on a global scale. London is one of the world’s great financial and cultural hubs, the quality of life is considered very high and they benefit from free healthcare in the form of the NHS and a high quality education system. Really, what’s not to like? Well a few things as ... Read more

Expat Retirement Destinations: How Income Affects Retirement Choices

After decades of hard work it is little wonder that many people dream of retiring to sunnier climes. What could possibly be a more suitable reward for all those years of early mornings, skull-numbing meetings and child-rearing than living out your days in the warmth and sunshine of the Mediterranean or somewhere even more exotic? And yet, as pleasant an idea as this might be, the reality can be rather different. Whether it’s the healthcare facilities on offer in your adopted country, quite ... Read more

New Hope for “Illegal” Expat Villas in Andalusia

As you may be aware, many expats who retired to Spain in the last few decades have found that buying their villa left a bitter aftertaste. In a saga which is still running today, the Spanish government has claimed that thousands of properties have been illegally built and so cannot remain. Without the right building permit paperwork many of these villas have been threatened by demolition. For obvious reasons the expats who bought in good faith have long sought a resolution that ... Read more

Spain Reveals Most Common Expat Names

Newly released figures from the Spanish government paint a fascinating picture of the expat population residing there. Long popular among Brits for its climate and culture, not to mention the reasonably-priced property, it seems that it’s not just expats from the UK who are drawn to Spain’s shores. According to Spain’s Ministry of Employment the country boasts almost five million foreign nationals. This is despite the fact that in recent years many Brits have returned home thanks to the worsening value of ... Read more

Where Do All The British Expats Actually Go?

It has been estimated that in the last 5 years alone 851,000 Brits have moved abroad seeking a better life. There are now estimated to be over 5 million Brits living outside the UK. That’s a lot of people; but where do they all go? Thanks to some new research we can now reveal the most popular destinations for British expats. The survey by Lloyds Private Banking is based on figures held by the UK-based Office of National Statistics (ONS) and reveals the ... Read more

The Top Retirement Destinations in Europe

" With almost 1 in 20 of us considering moving abroad in 2015, the obvious question is really where we should consider actually going to. After all, the world is a very big place. We recently reported on the best places to retire abroad according to International Living, but possibly the most noticeable thing about the three finalists is that none of them were based in Europe. This is many ways a result of the higher costs of living in Europe, but we’re ... Read more

Illegal Spanish Homes Could Soon Be Granted Amnesty

Spain has always been a popular expat destination with retirees seeking sunshine, culture and value-for-money. For years, even new-build properties were available to expats far cheaper than they could be found in their home country. For those willing to buy an older property and renovate it, the bargains were even more tempting. However as they say, if something seems too good to be true then it probably is, and never was this truer than in the Spanish property market. After tens of thousands of Brits, Italians and Eastern ... Read more

Dream Spanish villa sold for third its value

An expatriate couple returning to Britain have sold their Spanish home for just over a third its value in an attempt to recoup some of the costs. Bob and Phyllis Puddicombe decided to move back to the UK after the financial crash left their dream of living in Spain undermined, reports the Telegraph. The couple had lived in Almayate near Malaga for 13 years and concluded that getting older meant having the security of the NHS was more of a priority. Falling property prices ... Read more

A fifth of British expats in Spain left last year

More than a fifth of British expatriates living in Spain left in 2013, according to official figures just released. Spain's National Statistics Institute (INE) found that the country's overall population decreased for a second year in a row, due to foreign residents returning home. The crisis-hit nation saw nearly 90,000 British citizens no longer officially registered as residents, which equates to 22.8 per cent. On January 1st 2013, there were 385,179 Brits on town hall registers in Spain, but a year later the number ... Read more
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