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saudi arabia Expat News

Saudi Arabia Introduces ID Cards for Expats

As the world’s largest oil producer Saudi Arabia has long been a magnet for hard-working expats. That said, like many of the Gulf nations, Saudi Arabia has struggled in the past with this expat population, ensuring that they are carefully regulated. Illegal workers are a perennial problem here with whom the government seems to be in a constant battle. The world of expat employment in the Middle East seems to be in a constant flux, with new policies being introduced at break-neck ... Read more

Continuing “Saudization” Proposes Loss of 1.27m Expat Jobs

Saudi Arabia has long found itself between a “rock and a hard place” in terms of expat workers within the Kingdom. On the one hand, the growing Saudi economy requires a considerable workforce, something which has historically been filled by millions of workers from abroad. On the other hand, concerns have been raised about unemployment levels in Saudi Arabia, where foreign workers often receive the blame. The much-debated process known as “Saudization” has essentially entailed limiting numbers of expat workers so as ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Launches Expat University

While salaries and career progression are certainly factors for expat workers, they are hardly the only considerations. Indeed, for those expats with families, ensuring that the whole family group can be fully serviced is of critical importance. This means placing just as much emphasis on partners and children as on the expat lucky enough to be offered their overseas post. Of these, selecting the right schooling for your children can not only make or break their happiness, but can also set them ... Read more

Employers of Illegal Expats in Saudi Arabia Threatened With Jail

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry has begun to clamp down yet further on expats caught working illegally. Considerable fines and even jail time have been threatened against employers found to be employing illegal workers in the Kingdom. In the latest wave of attacks, the Saudi Arabian government has successfully arrested almost 175,000 foreigners that the government claims were working illegally. This is an astonishing body of workers and goes to show not just how prevalent illegal workers are in the country but also ... Read more

Changes to Saudi Employment Laws Spell Good News for Expats

" Over the past few months the news for expats in Saudi Arabia seems to have been consistently bad. One new rule after another has been introduced that will make being an expat in Saudi Arabia harder than ever before. These rules affect everything from limiting how many expat employment positions are available through to where expats can live and the impact the length of their stay may have on their employer. Now, for the first time in months, it seems that there may actually be some good ... Read more

Long-Serving Expats in Saudi Arabia May Receive Penalty

" Changes are once more afoot for expats in Saudi Arabia. The well-publicised “Saudization” targets are designed to regulate expat workers within the kingdom and force Saudi companies to prioritize local workers over expensive overseas talent. Doing so should, in theory, help to guarantee jobs for deserving Saudi’s and prevent situations occurring as have been seen in some other Middle Eastern countries whereby expats flock to a country taking over many of the vacancies that would otherwise have been filled by locals. Over the ... Read more

Social Media Hoax Disappoints Saudi Expats

" Over the last few weeks the social media feeds of expats living in Saudi Arabia have been over-run by an exciting breaking news story. The story claimed that Saudi citizenship was to be automatically granted to expat children born in the Kingdom, something that would make the family lives of numerous expats far less problematic. As the title to this article suggests, however, the story is claimed to be a hoax by the Saudi Arabian government. Quite where the story originated is unclear at present, though the viral ... Read more

Cost of Expat Schooling in Saudi Arabia Causing Problems

" As expats in Saudi Arabia will know, the Kingdom sadly doesn’t allow expatriate children to attend government-run schools. With the different language – not to mention the alphabet – many expat children would likely struggle, and so international schools which are taught in English are the most common solution to this problem. Of course, because these international schools aren’t funded by the government, expats will need to pay for their children’s education privately. These school fees though are starting to cause alarm ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Cracks Down On Illegal Workers

In an attempt to curb crime rates in Saudi Arabia, as well as removing unwanted beggars and illegal street vendors, the Saudi police force is clamping down on Saudi residents who have overstayed their welcome. The crack down focuses primarily on those who have either stayed past their visa allowance or have entered the country illegally with forged papers. The Saudi government reports that over a three day period in Riyadh alone the police uncovered almost 400 illegal workers, the majority of whom were employed in the construction ... Read more

Saudi Arabia’s Changes to Visa Regulations Could Impact Expats

In a bid to offer more jobs to Saudi-born workers, new rules are to be introduced in October this year. The Nitigat system, better known as the Saudi Nationalization Scheme, has been the brain-child of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labour. It aims to provide incentives to those companies that are meeting the required targets for Saudi employees while penalizing those who fail to meet the criterion. The system rates companies on a 'traffic-light' scheme - classing them as either red, yellow ... Read more
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