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saudi arabia Expat News

3 Tips for Planning Your Saudi Green Card

Saudi Vision 2030 is the government initiative being introduced into Saudi Arabia. The nation’s economic shake-up will benefit expats exponentially, as a US-style green card system is set to be introduced to the country within the next five years. Expats are currently only able to remain in Saudi by investing through the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, or under the Kafala sponsorship system which is used to monitor migrant labourers. The new Saudi green card will change the lives of expats; allowing ... Read more

Saudi Expats To Receive The Green Card

Expats in Saudi Arabia will feel a benefit of the nation’s economic shake-up as the country wants to introduce a US-style green card system within the next five years. Currently, expatriates are only allowed to remain in Saudi under the Kafala sponsorship system (which suffers with restrictions) or by investing through the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority. The new green card system will abolish the current set of rules and allow expats to remain in the country indefinitely, permitting them to buy, ... Read more

20,000 Saudis to replace expat phone shop workers

Stores selling mobile phones and accessories in Saudi Arabia are to ensure at least 50% of staff are Saudi nationals within 3 months’ time, escalating to a planned 100% in six months. This change comes after authorities in Saudi Arabia set out to ‘Saudise’ the working sector; agreeing to train up 20,000 nationals to replace expat workers currently in employment. Foreign workers will actually be banned from working in establishments selling communication devices in a bid to provide more jobs to Saudi ... Read more

The Future Looks Bright for Expats in Saudi Arabia

Barely a month goes by without us reporting on some new strategy being employed by Gulf nations to control expat working numbers. These nations – such as Oman, the UAE and Qatar – face a constant balancing act, seeking to recruit only the most able and qualified individuals to their countries, while minimizing local unemployment. No wonder it’s such a complex juggling act, requiring constant innovation. Just recently, for example, we reported that Kuwait was considering reducing expat residency lengths and expelling ... Read more

Expats Numbers in Saudi Arabia Likely to Drop

Like other Gulf nations, Saudi Arabia is a hotspot for expatriate workers from around the world. Recent statistics suggest that just over 10 million foreigners currently live and work in the Saudi kingdom. This represents roughly a third of the total population. Clearly, expats are a critical part of the economy at present, helping to provide both skilled and unskilled labour as and when required. From c-suite execs through to lowly manual construction workers, in many ways these workers help to keep Saudi ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Introduces Compulsory Health Insurance for Expats

Like so many other Gulf States, Saudi Arabia’s economy is fiercely dependent on expat workers. Official figures from 2013 put the number of expats in the Saudi Kingdom at 9 million, with an estimated 1.6 million new visitors each year. That’s not just a lot of people; it’s also a big strain on the healthcare system, which is often trying to dole out medical care to poorly paid manual workers who struggle to pay for even the most basic of care. It seems that ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Introduces New Policies to Protect Expats

According to recent statistics roughly one third of Saudi Arabia’s population are expat workers. That equates to just over 10 million people. And while many of the stories relating to expats in Saudi Arabia refer to highly-paid managers, financiers and the like, the reality is that most expats in the Saudi kingdom actually work far lower paid jobs. Indeed, Saudi Arabia is a magnet for low-paid workers from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, many of whom work in the construction industry. The reality is that with ... Read more

Where Do Expats Enjoy The Most Disposable Income?

Why would anyone agree to move half way round the world for work, leaving behind friends and family (not to mention the glorious British weather)? For some of us, global moves represent exciting new opportunities to grow and develop in our career of choice. For others the change of scenery in itself can be enough to tempt us to exotic foreign climes. And then of course there’s the money. The reality is that many expats find themselves being handsomely compensated for the life-changing decision to ... Read more

Which Country Is Best For Expats? – Infographic

It's not until you're thinking about moving abroad that you suddenly realise just how many options there are. From The United Arab Emirates to the United States of America, from Ireland to Iceland, how do you know which expat destinations are best? Arguably one of the most useful strategies is to consider the factors that are most important to you. For example, if you're moving abroad for work, which countries offer the highest salaries to expats? Equally, the cheaper the costs of ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Offers New Rules for Expat Husbands

As repeated studies have revealed, relationships between expats and natives are more common than you might imagine. It seems that love knows no limits and just because two people arise from different cultures doesn’t necessarily rule out a healthy and long term marriage. However quite how these wedded couples are treated by their adopted countries can differ wildly. In some cases even once married the expatriate is not considered as a “native” which can cause all manner of problems. It is not ... Read more
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