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Oman Expat News

Oman Changes Rules on Expat Housing

Oman has one of the largest expatriate populations anywhere in the world. No wonder then that over the last few months we have repeatedly reported changes (and potential changes) to the rules surrounding expats. This month more changes have been approved; this time they will affect expat housing. Broadly speaking the new rules outlaw the sharing of properties in Oman. Until recently many expatriate workers have sought to avoid the rapidly-rising costs of rent in the Kingdom by squeezing ever more people ... Read more

Oman Plans Amnesty for Illegal Expats

However despite these new rules many expats have yet to leave, and the Omani government seems to getting impatient. Targets that have been set for the optimum expat population are some way from being reached. Drug-related offences will result in an automatic ban from any subscribing member while all other reasons will be treated on a case-by-case basis. That said, the fact that an official will have to personally consider your case means likely delays for those found lacking. In addition, scrutiny ... Read more

Oman Struggles with Uninsured Expats Requiring Medical Care

Oman has always been a draw for expat workers, especially blue-collar employees from India and Bangladesh. In many cases these expats – typically working in the construction field – can earn far more money by temporarily leaving their home country in favour of the Middle East. For many, finding work in Oman has become the difference between subsistence and being able to put away money for the future. On the other hand, despite all the benefits for expats moving to Oman, there ... Read more

Oman Considers Introduction of Expatriate Tax

All is not well in Oman at present. Falling oil prices - which currently sit 20% lower than their high earlier on in 2014 - are a major cause for concern for a country in which oil makes up the vast majority of exports. In the absence of a considerable rebound in the near future, the public purse is likely to start feeling the strain in Oman shortly. As a result of this potential shortfall new revenue-generation models are being considered, particularly in relation to new sources of ... Read more
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