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cuba Expat News

Cuba Backtracks on Restriction-Free Travel for Citizens

This is an historic time for Cuba. In recent years the “old” guard has slowly fallen away, as Cuba has begun to take tentative steps onto the international arena. With the days of the Cuban missile crisis long gone, and Fidel’s inward-looking policies wiped from history, Raul Castro has introduced a progressive government keen to loosen control on citizens and benefit from international trade and tourism. So far, the policy seems to have been working well. Tensions with the US have thawed, trade embargoes ... Read more

Revealed: The Hottest Trending Travel Destinations for 2016

If you’re tired of Tunisia or bored with Benidorm, you might just be interested in a brand new survey released. It aims to reveal the trending destinations for holidays next year, and reveals some surprising and unusual travel ideas worthy of consideration. Skyscanner is a travel search engine rather like Expedia, which allows you to search for flights, hotels and car hire around the world. In this way you can price-compare all the various options out there with an aim of finding the very ... Read more

Cuba Benefits from Upsurge in Tourism

Earlier this year we reported here at Expatriate Healthcare that President Obama was seeking to re-establish political ties with Cuba. While the country has long been the unfortunate recipient of both trade and tourism embargoes by the US government, significant changes seem to be afoot. Possibly the most notable of these changes is that since closer ties began to develop between Cuba and the USA, so tourism has started to increase at an impressive rate. While Cuba has long been a popular Caribbean ... Read more
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