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China Expat News

Expat Education in China Gets a Revamp

China has been a talking point in recent months due to an English state academy opening a fee-paying school in the country. Joint-venture schools are emerging due to local laws preventing the admission of local students. Furthermore, the International Baccalaureate announced its 1,000th approved programme in Beijing. There are more foreigners moving to China for work than any other Asia Pacific region. Therefore, it is understandable that educational challenges for families moving to China are in the news. Recent reports have suggested that there are significant ... Read more

Expat Quality of Life Around the World Revealed

One of the main expat surveys carried out each year is the HSBC Expat Explorer; covered each year here on Expatriate Healthcare. The survey aims to rank countries of the world by their attractiveness to expats already living in those countries. However a competing survey has recently been published by Natwest with a slightly different angle. The so-called Natwest IPB Quality of Life Index, as the name suggests, aims to find those countries offering expats the highest quality of life. While the ... Read more

Revealed: The Countries Offering the Biggest Pay Rises

If we’re honest, very few of us would decline a pay rise, given the option. But salary increases aren’t always what they seem. Inflation, for example, is an often-ignored factor. Thus what seems like a generous pay rise can actually be anything but. Consider Venezuela, for example. According to a new study of global salary predictions, the average Venezuelan employee can look forward to a 60% pay rise in 2016. This all sounds rather enticing, until you realize that experts predict inflation of 204% ... Read more

Best Expat Destinations for a Fulfilling Career

Of all the reasons cited by expats for moving abroad one of the most persistent is their career. It seems that for the right opportunity (and commensurate salary) many of us are willing to relocate to foreign climes. However there are many factors that need to be considered before accepting such a role. Certainly the expat package on offer is one factor. However it’s not just salaries that can vary by country, employer and position. As discussed before each country has their own expectations regarding ... Read more

Want More Disposable Income? Move to Asia, Say the Experts

It's all too easy to be overwhelmed when you land an expat job, together with an impressive salary to boot. What could possibly be better? Of course, the experienced expat knows that it's not just how you earn that counts; it's also how much life in your adopted country costs. To put it another way, it's not how much money you earn, it's how much you manage to hold on to that counts. So while top earning countries like Singapore, Denmark and Qatar ... Read more
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