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Brexit Expat News

How Could You Be Affected by a No-Deal Brexit?

The UK is supposed to be leaving the European Union on Friday 29th March. However, despite the short time frame, everything still seems relatively murky in terms of a final decision. If Theresa May fails to win Parliament over with her revised withdrawal agreement there will be another vote. This will allow Members of Parliament to vote to leave the EU without a deal – this is known as a no deal Brexit. Many people are understandably worried as the outcome of ... Read more

Brexit Negotiations Still Failing British Expats

Retired British expats living in EU countries could lose access to their pensions should negotiations result in a hard Brexit. Whilst a soft Brexit refers to remaining closely aligned with the EU, a hard Brexit rejects the idea of a close alignment. Instead, a hard Brexit is for those who want to escape the rules and regulations placed upon the UK by the EU, as well as leaving the single market and customs union. Whilst many have deemed it fake news, financial industry ... Read more

Could Pensions Be Withheld from Expats in Light of Brexit?

In late September, it was revealed that UK insurance and pension providers could be forced to suspend payments to customers living in EU countries after Brexit. The issue lies with the insurers. If the UK decides to leave the single market in 2019, some firms will lose their automatic license to provide payouts to British expats residing in EU countries. Unless a solution is found, insurance companies will lose the right to offer cross-border insurance unless a solution is found beforehand. The Association ... Read more

Brexit Would Make Expat Pensioners £50,000 Poorer

British retirees who relocate to Europe could have their state pensions reduced by £50,000 over the next 20 years if the UK votes to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum. Currently, any individual who retired to a country within the EEA (European Economic Area) has their state pension increased every year under the ‘triple-lock’ system. This means that retirees benefit from pensions rising by the higher of wage or price inflation, subject to a minimum of 2.5%. However, in the event ... Read more
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