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Australia Expat News

Scotland seeking expat doctors to return from Australia

Scotland is suffering from a shortage of doctors and Scottish health board officials are travelling to Australia in a bid to persuade expat GPs to return back to their homeland. The NHS Education Scotland delegates are planning on using the 2016 Ottawa medical conference in Perth as an opportunity to come face to face with Scottish expats to spark interest of returning to General Practice in Scotland. With a spokesperson for NES stating they were going to attend the Ottawa conference anyway as ... Read more

Shrinking Chinese Economy Affects Expats in Australia

It’s no secret that China’s once-roaring economy, while still impressive, has been slowing down in recent years. This has led to many concerns about companies doing large amounts of business with the new Chinese middle class – a group that now outnumbers the whole of the US population. Apple is one of the most high-profile victims recently, who are relying on Chinese imports of iPhones and iPads to grow their bottom line. Stagnating sales have led to surprise share price falls recently not ... Read more

Australia Relaxes Citizenship Rules for New Zealand Expats

Australia’s incredible natural beauty, coupled with its enviable climate makes it a popular expat destination for people around the world. For example it has long been one of the top destinations for Brits seeking to leave behind the wet and dreary UK. It’s also the natural choice for many New Zealanders looking for opportunities overseas. Unfortunately allegedly “draconian” rules have meant that expat life for Kiwis in Australia has been tough. Most New Zealanders arrive to work, where they are required to pay taxes into ... Read more

British Expats in Australia “Discriminated” Against

In the past we have reported a number of times on the British government’s policy to “freeze” pensions paid to British expats living in a number of popular retirement destinations. This freeze means that many British pensioners find their pension payments are fixed at the same rate as when they are first paid out. This is in stark contrast to expats living in – or coming from – a range of other countries. Here their pensions are linked to the rate of ... Read more

Expats with Kids 25% More Likely To Stay Long Term in Australia

As anyone with children has discovered, having kids changes pretty much every element of your life. We swap the sporty convertible for a sensible people carrier, the tropical beaches for ones closer to home and the penthouse to a property with a garden for the swing. Unsurprisingly, it seems that expats who move abroad with their family also behave considerably differently to those without dependents. The latest HSBC Expat Explorer survey reveals, for example, that expats are more likely to remain long-term in a ... Read more

Google Reveals Most Searched Travel Destinations of 2015

In the past there were dozens of search engines all vying for dominance. While Yahoo and Bing may still be limping along, many others such as Lycos, Hotbot and Inktomi are long since dead. These days Google owns an estimated 68% of the search market, which equates to 3.5 billion searches per day – or 40,000 per second. Put another way, Google is in many ways a barometer of the internet – and the words and phrases we search through Google go a long ... Read more

The Top Ten Destinations for British Expats

If all the immigrants arriving in Britain every day are to be believed then Brits have things pretty good. They live in a politically stable country which, despite its diminutive size, still holds sway on a global scale. London is one of the world’s great financial and cultural hubs, the quality of life is considered very high and they benefit from free healthcare in the form of the NHS and a high quality education system. Really, what’s not to like? Well a few things as ... Read more

Expat Workers in Australia Could See Their Income “Halved”

Expats working in a foreign country typically experience one of two remuneration packages; either they’re paid in their home currency, or in the local currency. In these days of global trade and lucrative foreign exchange markets currency fluctuations are experienced by more of us every day. And while those on the “right” side of the equation can often benefit handsomely from the currency differentials it can be an altogether different experience for those on the other side. Just such a situation is arising at ... Read more

Expat Retirement Destinations: How Income Affects Retirement Choices

After decades of hard work it is little wonder that many people dream of retiring to sunnier climes. What could possibly be a more suitable reward for all those years of early mornings, skull-numbing meetings and child-rearing than living out your days in the warmth and sunshine of the Mediterranean or somewhere even more exotic? And yet, as pleasant an idea as this might be, the reality can be rather different. Whether it’s the healthcare facilities on offer in your adopted country, quite ... Read more

Fresh Hopes for Frozen British Expat Pensions

Here at Expatriate Healthcare we recently reported on how thousands of British pensioners that have retired to the sun are potentially missing out on considerable sums of money. In essence most British pensions are tagged to the economy; as the cost of living goes up, so do pensions in line. This ensures that pensioners are able to benefit from the same standard of living, no matter how long they live for after retirement. The alternative, of course, is that pensions are “frozen” and ... Read more
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