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Overseas Medical Insurance News: Emigration requires preparation

Overseas medical insurance is certainly one thing worth considering before emigrating.

However, people have been reminded that there are a large number of other things to consider when relocating abroad.

Stefano Lucatello, senior partner at the International Law Centre, said that it is easy to say to yourself that you will emigrate and then deal with the issues involved in such a move.

"That's the wrong way of doing it", he remarked, adding: "I think it is easy to emigrate, for a European based person, and it into perspective, in the EU.

"Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America are somewhat more distant – the places are so much more difficult to get to in the first place."

He remarked that people should be thinking about making preparations and decisions around 18 months to two years in advance of the actual move.

In addition to this, it is advisable to rent a property for the first six months of so before moving abroad permanently, selling your home in your country of origin and buying a new place overseas.

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