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Overseas Health insurance News: Could Malaysia become a top destination for expats?

More people may need to look for a global health insurance plan if they move to Malaysia in the future, as the nation is said to be a destination that will grow in popularity for foreign workers.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the development of a new metropolis three times the size of Singapore that will include industrial zones, a financial park and a film studio is set to attract investors and expatriates from around the world.

Planned to be mature by 2025, the Iskandar Malaysia project is expected to create around 800,000 new jobs.

Thousands of homes are also to be constucted for the development, which may attract people who work in neighbouring Singapore with the promise of cheaper properties to buy and rent.

Sally Ann Wilkinson, a spokeswoman for Merlin Entertainment Group, which is investing in the area, said: "This is a great location close to the key markets of Singapore as well as Malaysia and the fast-growing leisure destination Iskandar – and we are confident that it will be a huge success."

Recently, the HSBC 2011 Expat Explorer rated Malaysia as the tenth best destination in the world for expats, while Singapore was fourth.

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