Overseas Health Insurance News: Chinese censorship hinders expat businesses -
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Overseas Health Insurance News: Chinese censorship hinders expat businesses

Expatriates working in China have found that the increased crackdown on certain internet sites by the government is making it harder to do business.

Business travellers also felt the pain as interference with virtual private networks (VPNs) meant that keeping a connection with their companies became a problem.

It is China's internet firewall, which prevents access to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which is the hindering factor and could put employees from international companies off working in the country.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology suggested that such firms should set up state-approved VPNs, but many believe that this is an idea designed to facilitate corporate eavesdropping.

There are some companies that say they can get around the firewall, but this is becoming increasingly difficult.

As firms swap tips on how this can be achieved there must be some that are contemplating withdrawing from the country and its hostile stance to private internet usage.

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