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Worldwide Expat News - Page 40 of 290

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Oman Considers Introduction of Expatriate Tax

All is not well in Oman at present. Falling oil prices - which currently sit 20% lower than their high earlier on in 2014 - are a major cause for concern for a country in which oil makes up the vast majority of exports. In the absence of a considerable rebound in the near future, the public purse is likely to start feeling the strain in Oman shortly. As a result of this potential shortfall new revenue-generation models are being considered, particularly in relation to new sources of ... Read more

New Report Reveals How British Expats Integrate

Expats around the world have long had a difficult decision to make; whether or not to integrate fully into their chosen home. For some, learning the language and making new friends with the locals as an essential part of the expat experience, and one that can have numerous long term benefits. Many expats love to learn about a new culture and to encourage their children to become bi-lingual.On the other hand, many expats opt to establish friendships with fellow expats, ... Read more

The Top Reasons Why Expats Leave the UK

The British Isles have the 8th highest level of expatriation anywhere in the world. Every day, roughly 400 Brits leave our shores to begin a new life abroad. The total number of Brits living as expats is now estimated to be 5.5 million worldwide. In other words, there are an awful lot of Brits scattered all around the world. The obvious questions when it comes to UK expats is where they're going, why they're choosing to leave and how long they're ... Read more

The Best Country For Expat Healthcare

HSBC's recently-published global expat survey has revealed some intriguing results about healthcare around the world. The survey of over 10,000 expats arguably provides the most detailed and impartial view of international healthcare, including both the cost and quality of expatriate healthcare around the world.Understandably ensuring that you receive the best healthcare possible when travelling or relocating is of paramount importance, especially if you suffer from any kind of underlying medical condition which may require professional monitoring or treatment. Ageing travellers are also more likely to put an emphasis on ... Read more

Over 55s Plan for Additional Holidays

Proposed changes to the way in which UK pensions are managed could lead to a bonanza of world travel for the over 55's. Prime Minister David Cameroon recently announced plans to allow over 55's to gain access to the money in their pension funds rather than it being locked up until retirement. The government claims that many people have worked for decades, diligently saving money towards their retirement. They claim that UK savers deserve access to these funds at any time ... Read more

5 Reasons Why Expats Love the UAE

The United Arab Emirates represents one of the most popular worldwide destinations for expats. These days the native Emiratis are finding themselves considerably outnumbered by expats, who make up over 90% of the estimated 9.4 million population.That the UAE is popular among travellers cannot be denied. However with the dry, desert environment and soaring summer temperatures, the question is really what is drawing expats here in such numbers?Zero Income TaxIt's no secret that the Emirate's natural riches; namely oil in ... Read more

Want More Disposable Income? Move to Asia, Say the Experts

It's all too easy to be overwhelmed when you land an expat job, together with an impressive salary to boot. What could possibly be better?Of course, the experienced expat knows that it's not just how you earn that counts; it's also how much life in your adopted country costs. To put it another way, it's not how much money you earn, it's how much you manage to hold on to that counts.So while top earning countries like Singapore, Denmark and Qatar ... Read more

British Expats Leading the Silver Surfer Movement

To many Brits, technology is seen as a young persons' game. The latest iPhone 6 or Kindle HD is far more likely to be owned by the under 30s than it is those closer to retirement age. It is simply assumed that school-age children have a better understanding of computers and the internet than retirees.However new research suggests that this may not always be the case, with expats aged over 50 leading the pack. If recent studies are to be ... Read more

Peru Offers Free Healthcare to Young Families

The magical country of Peru has much going for it. From stunning colonial cities to rich tracts of virgin rainforest, Peru has something for any form of traveller. Famously the former home of the Incas and Mayans, Peru also boasts a wealth of world-famous historical sites including the World Heritage site of Machu Picchu.No wonder that tourism is the third largest industry in Peru, employing over 10% of the workforce and attracting over 3 million foreign visitors each year.Sadly ... Read more

1 Person in 30 Isn’t Covered By Their Health Insurance: Are You?

As we age, our medical needs normally increase. However now findings from over-50's travel company Saga suggest that many of us are taking risks by heading abroad without health insurance cover. Whilst the potential outcome varies by country, this does mean that many retirees are exposing themselves to potentially vast medical bills if they need treatment while away.The costs of overseas healthcare is eye-watering. For example, Saga claim that the cost of an emergency flight from the Canary Islands can ... Read more
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