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Worldwide Expat News - Page 40 of 288

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Thousands of French Nationals Defect To British Health System

The French healthcare system has been under strain for decades. It is heavily indebted and, if some French nationals are to be believed, also offers substandard levels of care. With the French government raising prices in the hope of plugging holes in their finances, a growing band of renegade French professionals have now chosen to defect to the UK system.Typically in France, charges for French health insurance are taken at source straight out of the wage packet. However the sums taken ... Read more

Retiring To The Algarve: 5 Facts You Should Know

When it comes to overseas retirement destinations it's fair to say that Europe offers a smorgasbord of options. From the history and culture of Italy to the enviable sunshine and jaw dropping scenery of Spain there are no shortage of potential destinations to explore in your retirement.However one often-overlooked destination is Portugal; most notably the Algarve region. Being smaller and less flashy than some of its neighbours, Portugal's subtle charms can sometimes not make the impact they deserve. However those willing ... Read more

Quality of Life Index Sees Chinas Popularity Skyrocket

The Centre for Future Studies has just released its annual Natwest-sponsored Quality of Life index. The research aims to rank expat destinations and drills down to the individual factors that are both attracting and dissuading expats from settling in specific countries. And, while Australia continues to top the charts as the most popular expat destination, the real surprise is China's monumental rise up the charts.Whilst China has yet to break into the top 3 expat destinations, it successfully leap from position ... Read more

Expats in Singapore Struggling To Make Ends Meet

Singapore has historically been one of the most popular worldwide expat destinations, boasting 38% of their population as expats. It's not hard to see the reasons why; salaries in Singapore are among the highest in the world, while the quality of life is also considered exceptional.Medical services in Singapore are excellent (though expensive, making insurance essential for expats), employment prospects are exceptional and the city state is generally considered very safe. Add to this the superior education available for children and ... Read more

Will Scottish Tourism Recover After The Referendum?

While all the talk about Scotland over the last few months has focused almost exclusively on whether they will vote for independence, another far more interesting story has remained untold until now. Some interesting tourism figures have been released recently which shows something of a 'holiday divide' appearing between Scotland the rest of the UK as of late.According to hotel booking site Trivago, visits to Scotland from within the rest of the UK are down an astonishing 29% on the same ... Read more

Portugal’s New Tax Exemption Scheme Lures Expats

For Europeans looking for a slice of the good life, Spain has long been the most popular destination. At the time of the last census in Spain, almost 12% of the country's population was born overseas, up from less than 1% only a few decades earlier.These days Spain is home to over 700,000 Romanians and Moroccans, not to mention numerous Brits and, somewhat surprisingly, Ecuadorians. In total, Spain tops out at over 5 million residents that were born in other countries. ... Read more

Illegal Spanish Homes Could Soon Be Granted Amnesty

Spain has always been a popular expat destination with retirees seeking sunshine, culture and value-for-money. For years, even new-build properties were available to expats far cheaper than they could be found in their home country. For those willing to buy an older property and renovate it, the bargains were even more tempting.However as they say, if something seems too good to be true then it probably is, and never was this truer than in the Spanish property market. After tens of thousands of Brits, Italians and Eastern ... Read more

Expats Welcome New Bonus Findings

While the Middle East has long claimed many of the world's expat population due to their generous remuneration policies, if new research is to be believed then things may be set to change. According to global outsourcing company Aon Hewitt, Europe is leading the way in today's bonus culture. For expats looking for the ultimate in financial remuneration it may soon pay to look at Europe as a possible destination. The financial crisis of 2008 essentially put the brakes on the 'bonus culture' of Western nations; particularly ... Read more

Why Moving Abroad Might Not Be Good For Your Health

For generations we've believed that warmer, sunnier climates are better for our health. Over the years literally thousands of expats have fulfilled their lifelong dream of retiring to a country where they can live with their windows open all year, wear shorts in the middle of winter and enjoy a barbecue at Christmas. Not to mention the common belief that such a climate is beneficial to one's health and longevity.Now however a study from Dr Santosh Jatrana of the Alfred Deakin Research Institute has revealed some surprising ... Read more

New Zealand Expats Welcome New Taxation Ruling

New Zealand expats who have retained property in their home country have found themselves on shaky ground over the last few months. An ongoing investigation by the New Zealand Taxation Review Authority (TRA) has sought to clarify the situation of taxation on real estate income for expatriates. For New Zealand expats who relied on their property holdings as a major source of their income, the future was looking decidedly unpredictable. If successful in their battle, the TRA could have forced expats to ... Read more
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