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Worldwide Expat News - Page 40 of 292

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

United Arab Emirates Increasingly Becoming “Home” For Expats

" Just a few short years ago most expats arriving in the UAE were there for a job offering a tax-free salary. It was, quite frankly, a financial move rather than one of lifestyle. The summer heat, the sand storms, the deserts; it’s no wonder that most expats in the United Arab Emirates find it takes long to get used to. Not to mention that studies have shown Brits living in the UAE are also slow to integrate into society and tend ... Read more

Changes to Expat Voting Rules for Brits on the Cards

" British Prime Minister David Cameron has made no secret of the fact that he considers the ''expat vote'' to be a critical part of his upcoming election campaign. It should therefore come as no surprise that the Conservative government are seeking to make changes to the current voting rules for expats. These rules will enable more British expats than ever before to vote on matters of national importance, and these additional votes could be enough to help swing an election in the Conservatives direction later in the year. The current ... Read more

Gulf States Discuss Plans to Make Expat Travel Easier

" Readers from Europe will be only too familiar with how the European Union has revolutionized travel and work. Residents of member states are able to move freely between countries, living and working as they see fit, without the need for expensive or complex visa arrangements. Not only are citizens with a suitable passport able to travel to the most economically beneficial area but travel has become easier, cheaper and more enjoyable. In many ways, while each European country has kept its ... Read more

Air Fares to Russia Drop to All Time Low

" For expats and travellers considering a visit to Russia in 2015 there is good news on the horizon. Since a high in 2013, the value of the Russian Rouble has tumbled against both the US Dollar and Sterling. In the last quarter of 2014 the drop in value of the Rouble was nothing short of precipitous, leading to some major changes in the Russian economy. For one, Russians are now travelling abroad less. The reason is almost exclusively financial, where the ... Read more

President Obama Seeks To Normalize Relations with Cuba

" Cubans around the world were recently rocked by the news that the USA is considering turning over a new leaf in their relationship with Cuba. Long on the receiving end of America’s wrath, Cuba has been the unfortunate recipient of a trade embargo that, experts claim, has stifled the Cuban economy and created a third world country. Since the 60's, when the embargo was introduced, thousands of Cubans have left, seeking a better life abroad. Now, though, President Obama has signalled that this may all be to end. In ... Read more

India Welcomes Tourists by Relaxing Visa Requirements

" While India has always been a popular tourist destination, receiving over 6 million visitors a year, its visa rules have always been something of a sticking point. Wealthy visitors from developed nations like the USA and UK have been forced to spend time and money applying for tourist visas before allowed entry into the country. This isn't all. India's visa policies have, until recently, prevented rapid re-entry to the country. Once a visitor has entered India they have begun a timer, ... Read more

Oman Plans Amnesty for Illegal Expats

However despite these new rules many expats have yet to leave, and the Omani government seems to getting impatient. Targets that have been set for the optimum expat population are some way from being reached. Drug-related offences will result in an automatic ban from any subscribing member while all other reasons will be treated on a case-by-case basis. That said, the fact that an official will have to personally consider your case means likely delays for those found lacking. In addition, scrutiny ... Read more

Oman Struggles with Uninsured Expats Requiring Medical Care

Oman has always been a draw for expat workers, especially blue-collar employees from India and Bangladesh. In many cases these expats – typically working in the construction field – can earn far more money by temporarily leaving their home country in favour of the Middle East. For many, finding work in Oman has become the difference between subsistence and being able to put away money for the future. On the other hand, despite all the benefits for expats moving to Oman, there ... Read more

The New Travel Trends for 2015

They say that the only thing that is constant is change, and never is that truer than in the world of travel. A new report from the World Travel Market aims to look at the coming trends that are changing the way in which we experience our international travel Read more

UAE Plans Changes to Save On Expat Healthcare

According to recent statistics, almost 90% of the population of the United Arab Emirates is made up of expats. Whilst the UAE manages to draw expats from all round the world, it is particularly popular among Asians from developing countries, who move here to work in the burgeoning construction industry. At last count, Asians made up 54.4% of the expat population, many hailing from the poorer countries where healthcare is not up to the standards offered in the UAE. As a result, ... Read more
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