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The Challenges of Being an Expat in Paris

Moving to Paris can bring huge benefits. The French capital is a city full of culture, amazing cuisine, and great healthcare for expats. Around 22,000 foreigners currently live in Paris, and it’s not hard to see why so many expats want to call Paris their home. But as with any new city, living in Paris can also bring challenges to expats. Language Barrier English is widely spoken in France, and if you visit as a tourist, you’ll find that you can get around ... Read more

The World’s Best Public Transport Systems

If you’re traveling to a new place and want to explore everything it has to offer, you’ll want to be able to get around quickly, efficiently and safely.  Below are the places which have been deemed to have some of the best public transport systems in the world, with affordable buses, punctual trains and easy-to-navigate metros. Singapore A recent report showed that Singapore had the highest passenger satisfaction rate in the world, with 86% of people happy with the public transport in the ... Read more

The Pros and Cons of Expat Life in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an exciting, lively city which has proved extremely popular with expats. It’s one of the largest business hubs in Southeast Asia, and over half the expat community have moved there for their work and career. As an international city, it can offer many benefits to expats but, like any relocation destination, there are also some drawbacks. If you’re moving to Hong Kong, these are pros and cons of expat life in Hong Kong you should consider. Pros of Living as ... Read more

Raffles Medical Phnom Penh Added to Expatriate Group’s Direct Outpatient Settlement Network

We are pleased to announce that Raffles Medical Phnom Penh has officially been added to Expatriate Group’s medical provider list, allowing customers to receive outpatient services on a cashless basis. Raffles Medical Phnom Penh is a clinic in Cambodia that is part of a 40+year-old trusted brand with more than 80 clinics across five countries. They are the leading integrated private healthcare provider in Asia, with patient-centric care supported by innovation, technology and excellent service. Raffles Medical Phnom Penh has an experienced medical team on ... Read more

7 Underrated Cities in France

France is well known for its glamourous cities and rich history. Whether you visit the northern region or the sunnier southern area, France can offer tourists beautiful architecture, amazing cuisine and plenty of culture. Below are some of the most underrated cities in France which you should visit. Lyon Lyon is France’s second-largest city but often goes under the radar for visitors. It is one of France’s oldest cities and is known as the gourmet capital of France. It has many UNESCO World ... Read more

How to Haggle in Markets Abroad

In many places overseas, haggling when shopping is accepted and even expected. In certain countries, you can usually bargain prices for goods sold at markets and tourist souvenir shops, but probably not at modern shops or shopping malls. If you know you’ll be shopping somewhere where you’ll be expected to haggle, you’ll want to be prepared with the right bargaining techniques, so you can get the best price for the items you want to buy. Haggling and shopping at markets is also ... Read more

4 Tips for Moving Abroad with Your Pet

Your pet is part of the family. If you’re planning on moving abroad, of course you’ll want to bring your pet with you. Moving overseas with pets requires careful planning to ensure your furry friend is properly cared for and their best interests are looked out for. Below are some top tips for when you’re planning a relocation with your pet. Consider What’s Best for Your Pet The thought of leaving your pet behind could be devastating, but it’s important to consider what’s ... Read more

The 7 Best Eco-Friendly Cities in Europe

Cities all over Europe are taking steps to be more eco-friendly. If you’re interested in sustainable travel, below are some of the greenest cities on the continent. Lahti, Finland Lahti might not be the most well-known city on the list, but it was recently named the European Green Capital 2021. Located 60 miles north of Helsinki, it has taken actions to become the first carbon-neutral city in Finland, by 2025. The city stopped using coal in 2019 and has since used recycled fuel ... Read more

How to Handle Culture Shock When Moving Abroad

Dealing with culture shock can really knock the exciting experience of living abroad. You might be overwhelmed with taking in the new sights, new rules and new social practices. With our guide, you can recognise the symptoms of culture shock and find out the best ways to deal with them. What is Culture Shock? Culture shock is what often happens when an expat or traveller lives in a new place for the first time. It can bring a sense of anxiety, alienation and ... Read more

5 Amazing Places You Have to Visit in Malta

Nestled between Sicily and the North African coast is the archipelago of Malta. Many people assume Malta is an Italian or Spanish country, but it’s been independent since 1964. Visitors to the country can experience a mix of Latin, Mediterranean and European culture due to its historical legacy and various rulers. For those itching to jet away, Malta officially opened to tourists in June 2021. 70% of the Maltese population have received their first vaccination, meaning herd immunity has been achieved. This ... Read more
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