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Worldwide Expat News - Page 32 of 290

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Where Do All The British Expats Actually Go?

It has been estimated that in the last 5 years alone 851,000 Brits have moved abroad seeking a better life. There are now estimated to be over 5 million Brits living outside the UK. That’s a lot of people; but where do they all go?Thanks to some new research we can now reveal the most popular destinations for British expats.The survey by Lloyds Private Banking is based on figures held by the UK-based Office of National Statistics (ONS) and reveals the ... Read more

Secrets of Expat Schooling in the UAE Revealed

For expats with children, one major concern when moving abroad is education. With many countries differing significantly not just in the quality of education on offer, but also the resulting qualifications, choosing the “best” school for your children while living in a foreign country can be problematic to say the least.The problem is of course even more extreme in situations where the native tongue is different to your own; meaning that sending your children to a locally-run school may just be ... Read more

The Surprising Secret That Is Robbing Expats of Their Pensions

Consider a simple fact; overall, the cost of living has increased consistently over time. Try comparing the cost of buying a house or a car in the fifties, and now today, and you’ll find that the cost of living has gone up in real terms by many, many times.What this means for Brits is that a pound these days buys you far less than it used to. Put another way, you’d need more money now than you would a few decades ... Read more

Frustration Over American Expat Tax Rife

In 1861 the American Civil War broke out; a source of bloodshed that would last for almost 4 full years. It has been suggested that in that 48 months of battle, over 1.2 million Americans lost their lives. What seems rather odd for such an unfortunate episode of history is that its effects are still being felt today.In order to penalize any potential American soldier who avoided the draft by moving overseas, taxes for American expats were introduced. To this day ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Launches Expat University

While salaries and career progression are certainly factors for expat workers, they are hardly the only considerations. Indeed, for those expats with families, ensuring that the whole family group can be fully serviced is of critical importance. This means placing just as much emphasis on partners and children as on the expat lucky enough to be offered their overseas post.Of these, selecting the right schooling for your children can not only make or break their happiness, but can also set them ... Read more

New Statistics Show Importance of Expat Remittances to Developing Nations

In terms of moving abroad for work there can be a sharp East/West divide. Expats from first-world nations frequently move abroad in response to more responsibility, generous benefit packages or the adventure of living and working in a foreign country.However expats from developing nations often have rather different motivations; they frequently move to another country either because there are few jobs available in their home country, or because the handful of available jobs pay far worse than positions overseas. With families ... Read more

Expats Control Bahraini Fishing Industry

Ministers in Bahrain have recently expressed concern about how their fishing industry seems to be run by expatriate workers. It has been suggested that only around 20 people in the entire Bahraini fishing industry are actually nationals; the rest have been imported to help fish. Indeed, the government claims that 96% of fishermen in Bahrain are actually foreign nationals.For the authorities in Bahrain this represents two distinct projects which the government are keen to see an end to.Firstly the government claims ... Read more

Dubai Offers Free Internet to All

We live in an ever-more connected society, where Internet and mobile phone access are considered basic necessities rather than the flashy luxuries they were just a few years ago.On the other hand, while 3G phone access (and increasingly 4G high-speed networks) are available in many towns and cities around the world, things can be rather different outside of these cultural hubs.Consider, if you will, the holiday-makers lying in the sun on the beach. Or the locals relaxing in the shade ... Read more

British Expat Attempts to Crowd-Fund Wife’s Visa Charges

Dean Homer and his Filipino wife have been together for 17 years and have had two children together. Despite this, UK visa rules for expats mean that Mr Homer must leave his family abroad until he has secured employment, after trying – and failing – to crowdsource the cost of their visas.Mr Homer and wife Meljie first met in Singapore when working on a cruise ship. Since then their careers have developed, with Mr Homer becoming Operations Manager for Star Cruises. ... Read more

Euro:Dollar Exchange Rate Causes Woe For Expats

One of the benefits of an expatriate lifestyle is the so-called principle of “geo-arbitrage” – simply that some currencies are worth more than others, and that as a result products and services cost different amounts in different countries. This is one reason why so many retirees opt to retire to “cheaper” countries and why areas like the Philippines and Ecuador have long been popular tourist destinations.Quite simply, visitors to these countries from Western, first-world nations are able to leverage their home ... Read more
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