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Worldwide Expat News - Page 32 of 292

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Continuing “Saudization” Proposes Loss of 1.27m Expat Jobs

Saudi Arabia has long found itself between a “rock and a hard place” in terms of expat workers within the Kingdom. On the one hand, the growing Saudi economy requires a considerable workforce, something which has historically been filled by millions of workers from abroad. On the other hand, concerns have been raised about unemployment levels in Saudi Arabia, where foreign workers often receive the blame. The much-debated process known as “Saudization” has essentially entailed limiting numbers of expat workers so as ... Read more

Brits Pay Out £250 Per Accident Abroad

A new study claims that British holiday-makers suffer more unfortunate accidents and injuries abroad than you might imagine – and they are paying out an average of £250 per incident. These payments are often being made even by those possessing a European Health Insurance Card – long assumed by many people as a free alternative to expensive health insurance. Now, it seems, the reality is rather different. Common accidents and injuries while abroad can include dehydration, serious sunburn and food poisoning, not to ... Read more

61% of Workers Feel “Obliged” to Work While on Holiday

A recent study from the Institute of Leadership and Management paints a stark picture of our limited free time. While “switching off” and taking time away from the office has long been known to boost productivity it seems that many of us are being denied even this free time. The research reveals that more of us than ever before are doing some kind of work while officially away from the office. Rather than leaving our careers behind for a few unhindered weeks ... Read more

Roaming Charges to be “Abolished” by 2017

For many of us, owning a mobile phone has become part of everyday life. Leaving the house without first checking you have your phone is unthinkable for many people. Even at home many people’s phones are carefully poised on the armchair of the sofa, ready to intercept text messages, phone calls and even tweets or Facebook updates. No wonder, then, that so many of us take our phones abroad where we can not only stay in contact with friends and family but ... Read more

Lonely Planet Reveals Top Family Travel Destination in Europe

Lonely Planet has just released their “Best in Europe 2015” roundup and the results make for some fascinating reading. Clearly assessing the whole of Europe – not just by country but also in a more graduated manner - requires considerable time and effort. However Lonely Planet have now unveiled the top places in Europe you should visit for the ultimate family holiday. For any families heading off abroad this summer, but with no concrete ideas of quite where to go, this list ... Read more

Eurotunnel Suspension Causes Travel Chaos

If experts are to be believed then tourists planning to visit France over the next week may be in for a nasty surprise. Access from the UK to Calais has been severely restricted thanks to the actions of striking French ferry workers. Concerns over job cuts have this week boiled over largely bringing the port to a standstill. There have been a number of effects caused by this industrial action which are likely to cause chaos, especially for the many tourists planning ... Read more

New Research Reveals the Asian Countries Paying Expats Most

When it comes to deciding how much to pay expat workers, the mechanics are often complex and convoluted. Do you, for example, use the employees’ salary from their country of origin as a starting point, or the average salary for their position in their adopted country? Furthermore, once even the base salary has been agreed upon, what else must be added to create a fair and appealing expat package? Considerations can include performance-related bonuses, local living costs such as housing and transportation, ... Read more

Africa Offers New Dawn for Expat Pay

According to a new study, Africa represents an exciting new opportunity for expats, with expat salaries here among the highest in the world. The new Expat Insider study, published recently by expat information site InterNations, paints a startling picture of expat life in Africa, far removed from the clichés that many people hold dear about the continent. Whilst many African countries are still painfully poor, the rapidly growing economies being experienced by much of Africa is beckoning in a new dawn for hard ... Read more

Expat Love Affair with Russia May Be Over

As a major oil producer, Russia has long drawn professional expat workers from around the world. Unlike oil producers in the Middle East, however, Russia has arguably not diversified its industry quite so significantly, and as a result the recent fall in oil prices is playing havoc with the Russian economy. This drop in the price of oil has had a significant “knock on” effect in Russia, as this money has failed to trickle down through the economy. This means that it’s ... Read more

Kuwait Bans New Expats

Like many of its Middle Eastern neighbours, Kuwait has become a key source of employment for expat workers. According to recent statistics, over two thirds of the population in Kuwait is now compromised of expat workers. Many countries see expat workers as being a very positive factor, allowing them to import knowledge and experience, not to mention man-power. As a result many Middle Eastern countries have been able to rapidly grow their economies and develop their infrastructure, transforming many of these countries ... Read more
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