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Worldwide Expat News - Page 31 of 292

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Surprise Upturn in Tourism after Greek Financial Crisis

Switch on the news any time in the last few months and you’re virtually guaranteed to find at least one story about the Greek financial crisis. Whether the headline story was civil unrest in Athens, the rising unemployment or the vote to leave the Euro zone, the news from Greece this year has been almost exclusively negative. As summer holiday season is now upon us an increasing number of concerned holiday-makers have been wondering whether or not they should visit Greece, and ... Read more

Tourism in Turkey Suffering After Terrorist Threats

Turkey has long been a popular tourist destination, welcoming over 40 million visitors last year alone. Notably popular with Germans, Russians and Brits, Turkey offers almost guaranteed Mediterranean sunshine but without the excessive costs of resorts in competing countries. Culturally Turkey is also a very interesting destination, represented the junction between the largely Christian west and the Muslim east. Indeed, Istanbul is the only capital city located on two different continents; Europe and Asia. Now, though, the honeymoon period for Turkish tourism could ... Read more

72% of Brits to Holiday at Home in 2015

We live in amazing times. We have more information about travel destinations than ever before. Savvy shoppers can pick up a flight for less than a meal for two and many package holidays in the sunshine work out cheaper than your everyday life. Yet it seems that isn’t enough to coax many Brits overseas – with almost three quarters of the UK population planning for a “staycation” in 2015. Whilst jetting off to the sun for a few weeks of rest and recuperation ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Offers New Rules for Expat Husbands

As repeated studies have revealed, relationships between expats and natives are more common than you might imagine. It seems that love knows no limits and just because two people arise from different cultures doesn’t necessarily rule out a healthy and long term marriage. However quite how these wedded couples are treated by their adopted countries can differ wildly. In some cases even once married the expatriate is not considered as a “native” which can cause all manner of problems. It is not ... Read more

Spain Reveals Most Common Expat Names

Newly released figures from the Spanish government paint a fascinating picture of the expat population residing there. Long popular among Brits for its climate and culture, not to mention the reasonably-priced property, it seems that it’s not just expats from the UK who are drawn to Spain’s shores. According to Spain’s Ministry of Employment the country boasts almost five million foreign nationals. This is despite the fact that in recent years many Brits have returned home thanks to the worsening value of ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Introduces ID Cards for Expats

As the world’s largest oil producer Saudi Arabia has long been a magnet for hard-working expats. That said, like many of the Gulf nations, Saudi Arabia has struggled in the past with this expat population, ensuring that they are carefully regulated. Illegal workers are a perennial problem here with whom the government seems to be in a constant battle. The world of expat employment in the Middle East seems to be in a constant flux, with new policies being introduced at break-neck ... Read more

British Expats May Need Health Insurance for UK Treatment

Changes are afoot in the National Health Service which could impact the healthcare on offer to visitors to the UK. Somewhat surprisingly the same policy could rule out free medical care for British expat currently living overseas – even if they have spent years paying into the UK healthcare system. The Department of Health claims that historically visitors to the UK have been free to use many NHS services, but that foreign visitors currently cost the NHS £1.8 billion a year with ... Read more

Tasmanian Population Faces “Death Spiral”

The Tasmanian government has revealed statistics about its aging population, and what the long-term effects might be. As the average age of the population continues to creep up, the government has raised concerns about their ability to maintain essential services for the remaining population. In older populations medical care becomes ever more important, while there are fewer working-age individuals fulfilling the necessary work needs, and paying taxes to pay for public service. The government reports that the population is expected to go into ... Read more

Expat Nurses in the UK May Be Sent Home

It is no surprise that the British National Health Service has found itself under increasing pressure in recent years. Since the shocking waiting times for hospital appointments became public knowledge a range of new policies have been introduced to try and shore up the NHS. However increased budget cuts, in order to slash the government budget deficit further, are causing ever more concern among senior officials. Now, however, it seems that the UK’s own immigration laws could be coming under fire as ... Read more

The Most Expensive Countries for Expats Revealed

A new study has aimed to rank expat destinations by their cost of living, in order to deduce the most expensive expat destinations in the world. The study, by ECA International, who offer solutions for the management of employees around the world, used a basket of “day-today” goods to decide just how expensive each location. The extensive study included considerations toward the cost of groceries locally, leisure services, recreational goods, clothing, electrical goods and the costs of driving. The costs of housing ... Read more
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