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Worldwide Expat News - Page 31 of 290

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Expat Remittances to Negatively Impact Developing Nations

For many developing nations expat remittances form an essential part of the economy. It is not unusual in many parts of the world for adults to leave their country of origin in order to seek paid work abroad. In many developing countries it is easier to find work – especially jobs that pay a reasonable sum – by relocating abroad.Whether they stay short-term or long-term, the goal is often the same. The expats from developing nations don’t move abroad necessarily for ... Read more

Cuba Benefits from Upsurge in Tourism

Earlier this year we reported here at Expatriate Healthcare that President Obama was seeking to re-establish political ties with Cuba. While the country has long been the unfortunate recipient of both trade and tourism embargoes by the US government, significant changes seem to be afoot.Possibly the most notable of these changes is that since closer ties began to develop between Cuba and the USA, so tourism has started to increase at an impressive rate. While Cuba has long been a popular Caribbean ... Read more

Sudanese Expats in UAE Struggle with New Passports

Like many developing nations, Sudan relies heavily on expat remittances to help Sudanese families make ends meet. In the United Arab Emirates alone there are estimated to be over 300,000 Sudanese expats, mostly working in the burgeoning construction industry. Each year these expats send millions of dollars back to relatives in the Sudan.Unfortunately however, a new policy is causing concern among Sudanese expat workers. It has been agreed that as from November 2015, the standard Sudanese passport will no longer be ... Read more

Expat Packages Should Be Reviewed More Often Says New Study

The world of expat workers is often a complex one. Thanks to changes in legislation and currency, a once-perfect salary package may now be found to be severely lacking in some department. Or so a new study by employee benefits company Jelf International claim.According to the recent research, 42% of expats haven’t reviewed their benefits in the last 12 months. Worse, many of these people have never reviewed their package in order to ensure that it is kept suitably up-to-date.Expats in Russia ... Read more

ITV Offering Free Flights to Bring Families Together

One downside of the expat lifestyle is leaving family and friends behind in your home country. No amount of sunshine or blue sky can ever truly make up for the homesick feeling we feel when thinking about our parents, partners or children that are living half a world away.Now, though, ITV are offering a helping hand.In a soon-to-be-broadcast Father’s Day special, much-loved show Surprise Surprise is offering to reunite fathers and children divided by geographical distance.Perhaps you haven’t seen your Dad ... Read more

Oman Considers Banning Expats from Top Management Positions

Oman boasts over 1.7 million expats living and working within its borders. And while many of these expats provide essential services, there has long been debate about the effects of this expatriate workforce on the native population.A number of high-ranking officials in the Omani government have claimed over the years that this expat population is robbing local workers of job vacancies. Just as bad, these expat workers are then filtering their salaries back out of the country in the form of ... Read more

Nepal Offers Free Flights to Expats Affected By Earthquake

On April 25th 2015, Nepal experienced one of its most severe earthquakes ever. Measuring in at 7.8 on the Richter scale, the single earthquake then led on to an astonishing 120 aftershocks. The quake led to avalanches on Mount Everest, buildings collapsing and thousands of local Nepalese and tourists to lose their lives.An estimated 8,000 people perished in the wake of the event, with over 20,000 people being injured alongside. It was a disaster on a monumental, national scale and the ... Read more

BBC iPlayer To Turn Off This Month

Even in these times of infinite choice when it comes to entertainment, the BBC is still held in very high regard around the world. The BBC World Service, for example, is still broadcast worldwide and represents both high levels of journalistic merit, not to mention independence from any political party or commercial sponsor.Many BBC programs have been syndicated around the world, with millions of viewers being as familiar with Top Gear or Doctor Who as we are here in the UK.Even ... Read more

Paris Waves Goodbye to “Eternal” Symbols of Love

Paris is well-known as the “city of love” – a cliché perhaps but one that still draws millions of visitors each year. Indeed, Paris is still the most-visited city in the world by tourists, many of them couples walking hand-in-hand down the river.Over the last few years an important monument to love has evolved; the Pont des Arts bridge. The principle is simple enough; a loved-up couple attaches a padlock to the railings of the bridge to symbolize the permanence of ... Read more

Expat Working Hours Revealed in New Survey

Choosing a career is never easy; accepting the right expat position can be even harder. After all, once you’ve “signed on the dotted line” and moved half way round the world for a new opportunity it’s a little bit late to realize you’ve made a big mistake.Choosing the right expat employer isn’t just about negotiating for the best salary and expat expenses package of course; all manner of other factors can help to make some positions more tempting than others. This ... Read more
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