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Worldwide Expat News - Page 31 of 288

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Euro:Dollar Exchange Rate Causes Woe For Expats

One of the benefits of an expatriate lifestyle is the so-called principle of “geo-arbitrage” – simply that some currencies are worth more than others, and that as a result products and services cost different amounts in different countries. This is one reason why so many retirees opt to retire to “cheaper” countries and why areas like the Philippines and Ecuador have long been popular tourist destinations.Quite simply, visitors to these countries from Western, first-world nations are able to leverage their home ... Read more

Employers of Illegal Expats in Saudi Arabia Threatened With Jail

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry has begun to clamp down yet further on expats caught working illegally. Considerable fines and even jail time have been threatened against employers found to be employing illegal workers in the Kingdom.In the latest wave of attacks, the Saudi Arabian government has successfully arrested almost 175,000 foreigners that the government claims were working illegally. This is an astonishing body of workers and goes to show not just how prevalent illegal workers are in the country but also ... Read more

Travel Insurance Blunder Causes Heartache in Australia

British student Sam Corria got more than he bargained for while travelling around Australia, when the vehicle he was in left the road and rolled over 4 times. Left unconscious from the accident which could have ended so horribly Sam was lucky enough to survive – albeit with some terrible injuries. The horrific accident has left the 18 year old with significant brain injuries and – thanks to a travel insurance blunder – difficulties returning to the UK.After being dragged from ... Read more

Retired Expats Must Prove They Are Not Dead

"There are an estimated 5 million Brits living overseas atthe time of writing, many of these as retirees claiming a UK pension. Theproblem that the Department of Work and Pensions in the UK has is figuring out whetherretirees are still legitimately entitled to their pension or not, especially incases where countries do not openly share information with others.It has been estimated that £45 million a year is paid out toexpats who have retired overseas and passed away, yet whose family are ... Read more

What Happens To Your Life Insurance Policy If You Move Abroad?

What happens to clients’ UK-based life insurance if they move abroad? Expatriate Healthcare’s Lee Gerry outlines some of the potential issues that advisers and customers should bear in mind.Whether it is to retire, to start a new career, or even to embark on an extended period of travelling, more British people than ever before are choosing to live overseas. According to the United Nations (UN), the number of Brits living overseas increased from 4.8 million in 2010 to 5.1 million in ... Read more

40% of Americans Fail To Take Their Vacation Time

"In a shocking and depressing indication of the state of manypeople’s working lives, a new study from the US Travel Association suggeststhat as many as four in ten US workers fail to take their full complement ofholiday days each year.The study found that the average American missed out on anaverage of 5.7 days of approved vacation time per year, largely due to thefeeling of being overworked in their employment. Despite being given theopportunity to take vacation, it seems, many workers ... Read more

Half of Expats in UAE Consider Leaving

" The United Arab Emirates have long been one of the top expat destinations in the world, drawing in highly qualified workers from around the world with the promise of a tax-free salary. Under such circumstances, the already reasonable wages on offer to qualified expats can look positively generous, and enable many workers in the kingdom to put money aside for a rainy day. This is the very same money which would otherwise have been eaten by tax in most other countries.Moving ... Read more

Big Personality Test Reveals Friendliest Places in Britain

"A fascinating new study from Cambridge University has sought to unveil differences in personality between the various regions of the UK. The study, which involved interviewing an astonishing 400,000 respondents about their beliefs, outlooks and opinions has revealed some divisions that could prove of great interest to anyone considering settling in the British Isles.Major cities like London, Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge were found to be the most open to new ideas, for example. These populations scored highly for traits such as ... Read more

In The Light of the French Alps Crash, How Safe Is Air Travel Really?

"Whatever the eventual cause of the recent tragedy in theAlps turns out to be, it is natural that a large number of people online areasking just how safe air travel really is. After all, this is far from anisolated case, with plane-related and terrorism-related incidents seeminglybecoming a weekly occurrence; from the shoot-out in Paris earlier this year tothe missing Air Malaysia plane.We therefore thought it would make sense to investigate thefacts surrounding air travel and see exactly how safe international flightreally ... Read more

The New Caribbean Jewel Just Begging For Discovery

"The Caribbean has long been a popular destination fortravellers and expats alike, seeking a warm welcome, fresh food and reliableyear-round weather. However, all this tourism has often come at a price. Overtime, successive areas of the Caribbean have turned from charming seasideidylls to souvenir-selling tourist resorts. Those that have maintainedtheir charm are often so over-priced that they are out ofthe question for many tourists.This creates obvious problems for tourists seeking to visit– or even move to – the Caribbean.Now, ... Read more
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