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Worldwide Expat News - Page 3 of 302

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

How to Deal with Animal Bites & Stings Overseas

When overseas you must be vigilant to many things that may not be a usual experience in your home country, especially foreign species that could potentially harm you. Animal bites and stings can be very different from the ones you may have heard of back home. There are various bites and stings that you could encounter when you are overseas. Being able to deal with animal bites and stings when you’re abroad is important, and to do this you must be ... Read more

Brexit ‘Flextension’ Granted Until 31st October 2019

The EU27, the group responsible for negotiations with the UK in regard to Brexit, were deeply divided over an extension to Article 50. Donald Tusk, European Council president ideally wanted to offer the UK another 12 months to deliver Brexit. However, the prime minister accepted a ‘flextension’ of 6 months, meaning the deadline for Brexit is now Halloween. But the UK can leave beforehand if a decision has been made. Andrew Byrne, EU correspondent for The Sunday Times penned on Twitter: “All ... Read more

The Easiest Countries to Get Dual Citizenship

If you’re considering a new life in a different country a second passport can provide an extra bit of security. Some countries that have faced political instability have seen expats cast out; such as Kenya back in 2016. Therefore, dual citizenship can ensure you remain in the country of your choice. Perks also include tax benefits, social services, employment options and investment opportunities and freedom to travel. There are a variety of ways of securing citizenship in another country and some ... Read more

Awards – We’ve Been Shortlisted!

Expatriate Healthcare has been shortlisted for the Excellence in Employee and Family Support Award at the 2019 Relocate Awards. We are excited and proud to have been nominated and shortlisted for an award of this nature. At the core of our company we strive to provide simple yet effective and easy-to-understand products whilst delivering a reliable service, whether that is fulfilment and enrolment, claims or worldwide assistance. The Excellence in Employee and Family Support Award recognises the specialist service of relocating employees ... Read more

5 Apps to Help You Get to Grips With a New Language

Whether you’re moving abroad and want to get to grips with the local lingo, or just fancy learning a new language, we have got you covered. Below are five of the best apps to take you from novice to fluent speaker in no time! Duolingo Available on: IOS, Android & Windows When it comes to a virtual language course, Duolingo is the crème de la crème. It is the app that everybody utilises when they want to pick up a new language or advance ... Read more

Is Poland a Contender as a Summer Holiday Destination?

When mulling over your summer holiday for this year we are sure that Poland won’t even enter your top five. Sadly, many people still view Poland as a war-torn Eastern Bloc country where the sun never shines and everyone is miserable. This simply isn’t true! The Krakow Post reported that the number of tourists in Poland had increased in 2018 compared to previous years. The top three countries for foreign tourists were Germany (1.3 million), the UK (366,000) and Ukraine (320,000). ... Read more

The Best Jobs in the Middle East for Expats

The Middle East has always been championed as a paradise for those who want to work hard and live a luxurious lifestyle. The number of expats in the UAE is high, with 88.5% of the population hailing from overseas. The Middle East as a whole has always been a first-choice location for many people wanting to work abroad and with foreign investment increasing across the nation, as well as the Dubai Expo 2020 and the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, ... Read more

Will the UK Ever Leave the EU?

The UK is due to leave the European Union in just a matter of days. Worryingly, there seems to be little in place in terms of a solid plan. After over two years of negotiations it is clear that both expats in the UK and in EU states simply want to know what is going on with their futures overseas. Theresa May’s spokesman today revealed that the prime minister believes the UK has slid into political crisis. Due to this it is ... Read more

What Do Students Need to Study Abroad?

Many students dream of studying abroad. Is there a better way to expand your knowledge than absorbing a new culture as well as your new academic course? However, the path to arriving in your chosen destination can be a daunting one; there is so much to consider! Below, we break down some of the common questions raised by students considering becoming an international student. Fortunately, if you’re considering studying in Canada, the UK, the USA, China, France, New Zealand, Australia or South ... Read more

What Do Different Colours Mean in Different Countries?

It is no secret that colours are emotive. They can affect the way we feel, they can heal, and they can bring joy. They can remind us of a time of year, a certain place or a distant memory. Around the world different countries, cultures and groups of people associate colours differently. What could be a positive colour for some could be a sign of something sinister for others. Colour associations vary from country to country. Take a peep below to understand ... Read more
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