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Worldwide Expat News - Page 22 of 290

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

US Expats Owing Taxes Could Lose Passports

As mentioned previously here on Expatriate Healthcare, the United States is one of the few countries which demands taxes from its citizens no matter where they happen to be living and where their income has been earned.It is one of only two countries in the world to do this and has been a constant source of anguish for some expats.Indeed, an increasing number of Americans living overseas have opted to give up their American citizenship rather than paying what they see ... Read more

Christmas Carol Helps Expats Understand UAE Culture

Let’s be honest; for many of us, Christmas is the one time of year that many of us let our hair down.From the classic office Christmas party, to mulled wine and eggnog, through to the questionable merits of mistletoe, if we’re going to misbehave then it’ll most likely be during the festive season.This is all well and good when others are behaving the same way. In the UK and the USA, for example, a little merriment at Christmas is almost expected. ... Read more

New United States Policy May Hamper British Visitors

Possessing a British passport brings with it a wide range of benefits.Over the years UK citizens have enjoyed easy and widespread travel to a huge number of countries.These days there are very few countries which are closed to British visitors, with many countries also offering entry without the visa required from many other nationalities.In short, British passports can open up an exciting and hassle-free world of international travel or expat living.One perfect example of just a destination is the USA, long ... Read more

Kuwait Cuts 25% of Expat Teacher Positions

It seems that never does a month go by without new stories surfacing about how Kuwait plans to deal with their burgeoning expat population.Over the course of the last year we have reported that Kuwait is considering limiting expat stays, that Kuwait has discussed banning new expats and that Kuwait is introducing driving bans on expats for example.Some of these suggestions never truly came into being after discussion, but others most certainly have gone ahead.All the same it seems that expat numbers ... Read more

It’s Official: Moving Abroad Can Save You Money

If you’re sick and tired of the spiralling costs of living in your home country then a recent survey suggests that you might do wise to move abroad.After receiving responses from 7,100 individuals now living the expat lifestyle, the report reveals the impressive potential financial benefits of moving overseas.Online publisher Best Places in the World to Retire recently sought to discover the economic realities of living overseas.Is it like one long holiday, with all the associated luxury spending of eating out ... Read more

Bah Humbug! 56% of Americans Admit Christmas Isn’t a Holiday

The festive season is finally upon us, and we at Expatriate Healthcare would like to wish you every happiness.It is, if the songs are to be believed, “the most wonderful time of the year”.And yet.Evidence from US travel comparison site Priceline suggests that many of you might be experiencing more than a little bit of tension right now.Indeed if their recent survey, published at the end of last month, is to be believed then the reality of Christmas is rather different ... Read more

Travel + Leisure Reveals the World’s Best City Destinations

Travel + Leisure, one of the most-respected websites for travel advice, has just revealed their top city break recommendations.The recommendations come not from the publishers themselves, but rather from thousands of independent readers of their website and/or magazine.With such a large data set the results are considered significant, with awards being highly regarded in the travel industry.Furthermore, and possibly even more interestingly, before collating the eventual winners, Travel + Leisure screens all responses, seeking to eliminate any from travel industry professionals. ... Read more

French Government U-Turn on Expat Voting

As we have repeatedly reported here on Expatriate Healthcare over the last few years, one of the most hotly-contested subjects when it comes to expatriate life is voting on political matters.In many cases the emphasis has been on whether or not expats that have left their home country may be allowed to vote on constitutional matters at home.In the last 12 months we’ve had Romanian expats that were allowed to vote but actually couldn’t due to technical difficulties, Greeks unable to ... Read more

UK Offers Top Expatriate Remuneration Packages

Expat salaries around the world are far from uniform.Just a quick scout around will reveal that expats working in some countries are remunerated far more generously than in others. The question is where expats are actually earning the most money?It’s this exact question that international remuneration company ECA sought to answer in their recently-published survey.The survey, entitled the MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey includes responses from 320 companies covering 167 countries. In addition, over 10,000 individual responses were also received. All of ... Read more

Cuba Backtracks on Restriction-Free Travel for Citizens

This is an historic time for Cuba.In recent years the “old” guard has slowly fallen away, as Cuba has begun to take tentative steps onto the international arena.With the days of the Cuban missile crisis long gone, and Fidel’s inward-looking policies wiped from history, Raul Castro has introduced a progressive government keen to loosen control on citizens and benefit from international trade and tourism.So far, the policy seems to have been working well. Tensions with the US have thawed, trade embargoes ... Read more
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