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Worldwide Expat News - Page 22 of 288

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

New Study Reveals How Passengers Would Improve Air Travel

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with air travel.On the upside there is the excitement of heading off on holiday, the chance to watch endless movies and the thrill of take-off and landing.On the other hand, many of us would agree that there are just as many downsides of air travel. There’s the food, for one thing, the noise of other passengers and the boredom of long-distance flights for starters. And that’s without the endless security checks, baggage limits or ... Read more

UK Welcomes Tech Expats with New Visa Process

In a time when so many countries around the world are making expats jump through ever more hoops, the UK has taken the opposing stance.Now a new policy promises to make moving to the UK for work that much simpler for the most talented workers. It is important to note that these new regulations are designed to attract top talent in the tech sector, rather than covering the entire job market.The British Conservative government has made no secret of the fact ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Introduces New Policies to Protect Expats

According to recent statistics roughly one third of Saudi Arabia’s population are expat workers.That equates to just over 10 million people.And while many of the stories relating to expats in Saudi Arabia refer to highly-paid managers, financiers and the like, the reality is that most expats in the Saudi kingdom actually work far lower paid jobs.Indeed, Saudi Arabia is a magnet for low-paid workers from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, many of whom work in the construction industry.The reality is that with ... Read more

Expats in Oman Are Warned of Fake Police Officers

The vast majority of expats are law-abiding citizens, working hard to fit into their adopted country.If faced by a police officer demanding to see their papers most will, for obvious reasons, happily comply.The last thing that a hard-working expat in an unfamiliar country wants is unnecessary trouble with local law enforcers. Such things can quickly spiral out of control.However it is this very nature of the law-abiding expat, plus the difficulty in identifying police officers in some countries, that some unscrupulous ... Read more

Budget Travel: Where to Get the Best Value in 2016

It’s no secret that taking our annual holiday can be a sizeable investment, especially for families.Statistics suggest that the average family of four, for example, spends an incredible £4792 for their two weeks away each year. We spend an average of £454 each on top of this holiday cost for eating out, entry to tourist destinations and so on.Little wonder then that so many of us are on the look-out for budget travel options, where one can still enjoy a full-on ... Read more

22% of Brits Fail To Take Their Paid Holidays

It’s a sad sign of the times that while global travel is more achievable and affordable than ever before, an increasing number of us are failing to take our full holiday entitlement.Instead almost a quarter of us are knowingly giving up the time off which is rightfully ours in order to do more work than is necessary.So it isn’t just bad enough that an increasing percentage of Brits can’t afford to go on holiday; now we’re failing to even take the ... Read more

New Zealand Beckons Expats with New Perks

It’s no secret that New Zealand is a truly beautiful country.But this travel destination has more than good looks. In numerous expat surveys New Zealand has proven to be a most gracious host, offering reasonable salaries, an enviable quality of life and a truly friendly population.No wonder, then, that so many expats have headed over to New Zealand in recent history. Very few of those who set foot on her golden shores ever plan to come home. But there’s a problem.Actually ... Read more

Which Nations Are Most Prosperous?

Trying to ascertain the “best” country to live in can be problematic because of the number of factors that can be taken into account.As seasoned expats and world travellers will have discovered, each country has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some have stronger economies, others weaker. Some have a low cost of living while others don’t. How do you boil all those elements down into a workable figure, in order to decide which countries offer global wanderers the very best lifestyle?Fortunately ... Read more

Almost a Quarter of Brits Took No Holiday This Year

While travel may broaden the mind, it can also lighten the wallet.This is a discovery being made by an increasing proportion of Brits who are opting to take no holidays in 2015.While we may take some time off work (though even then many of us are failing to take our full entitlement) ever more people are choosing to spend their precious holiday time at home.The annual ABTA Holiday Habits Report does much to reveal the secrets of how Brits are spending ... Read more

After Analyzing 1.5 Billion Airfares, Here’s the Cheapest Time to Book a Flight

The prices of plane tickets seem to have a life of their own. Book your tickets too early and you could be paying an unnecessary premium. Conversely perhaps you should be making last minute bookings?In some cases this can lead to better prices as the airlines try a last ditch attempt to fill their planes at any price. On the other hand, if it is a popular destination you may find that thanks to the laws of supply and demand the ... Read more
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