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Worldwide Expat News - Page 22 of 292

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Zika Virus: What Travellers Need to Know

One of the most hotly-discussed topics among travellers at present is the growing threat of Zika. But what really is Zika, what are the real risks and how should you protect yourself from them? Zika is a virus carried by mosquitoes; primarily the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Rather like malaria, one contracts it mainly from being bitten by an infected mosquito. At present medical authorities are unsure of whether the virus may be passed from person-to-person such as during intercourse but current recommendations ... Read more

Is The British Passion for Staycations Declining?

Over the last few years a number of studies have found that staycations have gained in popularity among Brits. A combination of financial woes, the impracticalities of international travel for travellers with children and the growing UK tourism sector have convinced ever more of us to holiday at home. Take last year, for example, a potential high-point for staycationers, with 72% of Brits stating that they planned to stay on home shores for their summer holiday. Last year studies found that the ... Read more

17% of Americans Took Less Than 5 Days of Vacation in 2015

It’s no secret that taking a vacation can do you a power of good. Statistics suggest, for example, that 40% of people taking time off come back to work feeling re-energized and more productive. Even better, fully 50% of people report feeling more rested and “reconnected to their personal life” after taking time away from the office. This why heading abroad shouldn’t just be seen as a luxury – or as being “lazy” and shirking your workplace responsibilities, but that time away ... Read more

Are You Infuriating Fellow Travellers With Your Mobile Etiquette?

In an increasingly connected world, most of us carry our mobile phones with us at all times. 75% of us even admit to using our phones while using the toilet. Mobile phones are, for better or worse, part of most people’s everyday lives; even on vacation. But what are the “unwritten rules” for using your phone while you’re away from home? What habits are most likely to frustrate other travellers, drawing withering glances from world-weary tourists? That’s exactly what a new study from ... Read more

60% of Travellers Never Truly “Unplug” While on Vacation

Over the last few years a number of studies have revealed the declining ability of vacationers to make full use of their time away from the office. For example we’ve discussed the most “vacation deprived” countries in the world, how 40% of Americans fail to take their full vacation entitlement and that 22% of us feel guilty about taking time off work. Now a new survey from Expedia paints an even starker picture; even while we’re away from the office on vacation we’re ... Read more

Oman Begins Charging Companies for Expat Visas

Oman has a big problem at present; a considerable budget deficit which seems to be growing progressively larger. Like any other well-run government, policy-makers in Oman have begun to look for solutions to reduce this unfortunate set of circumstances, especially as oil revenues continue to underperform. One strategy being used in Oman is changing how expat worker visas are being processed. In the past companies could simply apply for visa on behalf of overseas staff and receive these free-of-charge. Of course there are ... Read more

British Expats in Australia “Discriminated” Against

In the past we have reported a number of times on the British government’s policy to “freeze” pensions paid to British expats living in a number of popular retirement destinations. This freeze means that many British pensioners find their pension payments are fixed at the same rate as when they are first paid out. This is in stark contrast to expats living in – or coming from – a range of other countries. Here their pensions are linked to the rate of ... Read more

Top Expat Healthcare Destinations Revealed

If there’s one thing we know about here at Expatriate Healthcare it is, well, expatriate healthcare. A major concern among many expats is ensuring that they can receive high quality, cost-effective medical care while abroad. As you can no doubt guess, standards of care – and the associated costs – can differ wildly around the world. Many first-world destinations such as the USA, Canada and Scandinavia offer exceptional levels of medical care – but at a high price. Unless you’re a Russian oil-baron ... Read more

Relaxed UAE Labour Rules Could Benefit Expats

While many Middle Eastern countries are busy progressively tightening up their labour laws to make it ever more difficult for expat workers to migrate to their countries, the UAE seems to be doing the complete opposite. We reported recently, for example, that Saudi Arabia is considering new rules to gently reduce the number of expats working there, while Oman has now put in place a ban on returning workers for two years. In contrast, the UAE could potentially benefit from these estranged workers ... Read more

Expat Workers in Oman to Be Denied Re-Entry for 2 Years

The Gulf States have long maintained a series of policies to help them police and control the large numbers of expat workers flooding into the country. For example, it is perfectly normal for expat workers who leave the employment of one company to be forced to leave the country before re-applying for another position. Only those in gainful employment are permitted. Whilst in the past this was a major inconvenience for many expat workers, a recent change to the law promises to make ... Read more
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