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Worldwide Expat News - Page 21 of 288

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Cuba Backtracks on Restriction-Free Travel for Citizens

This is an historic time for Cuba.In recent years the “old” guard has slowly fallen away, as Cuba has begun to take tentative steps onto the international arena.With the days of the Cuban missile crisis long gone, and Fidel’s inward-looking policies wiped from history, Raul Castro has introduced a progressive government keen to loosen control on citizens and benefit from international trade and tourism.So far, the policy seems to have been working well. Tensions with the US have thawed, trade embargoes ... Read more

World Tourism Hotspots in Turmoil

Think back just a few months, to the heady days of “summer” 2015, and you may remember a number of world events which shook the tourism industry.For example we reported here about the Channel Tunnel being closed for several weeks thanks to industrial action, and the terrible tragedy that occurred on the beach in Tunisia. Worry over Greece’s financial outlook also led to many travellers cancelling plans for fear of what would happen if they left the Euro.Then there’s been the ... Read more

South Korea Most “Vacation Deprived” Nation

Living the expat lifestyle successfully is no easy feat.There are so many factors to consider, besides the obvious expatriate package on offer.There’s schooling for the kids, the ease of integration and the job satisfaction to be had, for example. Also currency conversions, property prices and the costs of living.All of these can factor into how suitable a country may or may not be for relocation.But an often-overlooked factor when deciding on whether a move abroad might be right for your career ... Read more

22% of Travellers Feel “Guilty” About Taking Holiday

It’s no secret that many of us don’t take our full holiday entitlement each year.A number of studies have been published which reveal the shocking state of many peoples work/life balance, particularly in the West.The recurring theme is that many people don’t take their full holiday entitlement each year, essentially working “for free” for their employers, who are benefitting to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.However extra information on the theme has recently come to light thanks to the ... Read more

Revealed: The Hottest Trending Travel Destinations for 2016

If you’re tired of Tunisia or bored with Benidorm, you might just be interested in a brand new survey released.It aims to reveal the trending destinations for holidays next year, and reveals some surprising and unusual travel ideas worthy of consideration.Skyscanner is a travel search engine rather like Expedia, which allows you to search for flights, hotels and car hire around the world.In this way you can price-compare all the various options out there with an aim of finding the very ... Read more

Travel Queries Go Mobile in 2015

From the creation of mobile-friendly operating system Android, through to penalizing websites which aren’t mobile-friendly in the search rankings, Google has invested heavily in helping mobile users to seamlessly use the Internet.Little wonder then that as the phone in your pocket or bag continues to become ever more powerful, more of us than ever before are “going mobile” with our Internet usage.In May this year Google went on the record to report that the search giant now experiences more mobile searches ... Read more

Top 5 European Countries for Expats

In the recent past, here at the Expatriate Healthcare news section, we dove headlong into the 2015 HSBC Expat Explorer survey.The annual publication was the most extensive ever this year, taking into account the independent feedback of almost 22,000 different expats around the globe.In essence, the freely-available report aims to provide a “helicopter view” of the expat experience, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of individual countries as expat destinations.Regular readers of this column will know that Singapore was recently voted ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Introduces Compulsory Health Insurance for Expats

Like so many other Gulf States, Saudi Arabia’s economy is fiercely dependent on expat workers.Official figures from 2013 put the number of expats in the Saudi Kingdom at 9 million, with an estimated 1.6 million new visitors each year.That’s not just a lot of people; it’s also a big strain on the healthcare system, which is often trying to dole out medical care to poorly paid manual workers who struggle to pay for even the most basic of care.It seems that ... Read more

Revealed: The Countries Offering the Biggest Pay Rises

If we’re honest, very few of us would decline a pay rise, given the option.But salary increases aren’t always what they seem.Inflation, for example, is an often-ignored factor. Thus what seems like a generous pay rise can actually be anything but.Consider Venezuela, for example. According to a new study of global salary predictions, the average Venezuelan employee can look forward to a 60% pay rise in 2016. This all sounds rather enticing, until you realize that experts predict inflation of 204% ... Read more

Cheapest Time of Year for Travel Revealed

As we all know, travel can be an expensive pursuit.An increasing number of Brits are opting for staycations each year due, at least in part, to the spiralling costs of many overseas holidays.From the cost of flights to hotels and all the incidental costs, many people are now foregoing the classic two weeks in the sun and are instead saving money and hassle by vacationing at home.The costs of travel are typically highest at the most “practical” times of year – ... Read more
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