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Worldwide Expat News - Page 10 of 290

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Visa Options for Fearful British Expats in Germany

More than 100,000 Brits live in Germany and not one is certain of their future in the country. Currently, British nationals are protected by EU rules, as Article 50 has not been triggered. Presently, it is rumoured that Britain will be free of European Union control by April 2019.The uncertainty surrounding expat’s futures not only in Germany and Britain, but all other EU states, is making many extremely nervous. Much of Germany’s British expat community is made up of young professionals ... Read more

10 Eateries Everyone Must Visit in New York

Whether you have just moved to New York, or are on a city break, the plethora of restaurants throughout the Big Apple is overwhelming. With more people than ever heading across on three night minibreaks, this allows 72 hours to satisfy your appetite with the best food that New York has to offer. From soul food to doughnuts, everything is covered in our 10 favourite eateries. Joe’s Pizza, 7 Carmine StreetFounded in 1975 by Pino ‘Joe’ Pozzuoli, Joe’s Pizza is the place ... Read more

Finland is the Best Place in the World for Expat Children

For expat parents, one of the biggest concerns is ensuring that their children are safe, well-educated and enjoy a good quality of life. Whether moving through choice or due to a work placement, expat parents tend make choices based upon their children’s welfare by exploring schools, leisure activities, and family-friendly residential areas. InterNations 2016 Expat Insider survey has revealed some changes in the Family Life Index, which focuses upon childcare, education, and family-welling being. Expats living across 45 countries were surveyed and ... Read more

5 Attractive Locations for Solo World Travellers

Many of us would never consider the daunting prospect of travelling to distant lands on our own. However, for some, globetrotting solo is the only way to travel. Not only do you get to go at your own pace and experience exactly what is important to you, you’re less likely to feel stressed out, you’ll undoubtedly save money, and it can be an excellent confidence booster.Whether you are a seasoned or fledgling traveller the five locations below are some of the ... Read more

The Pros and Cons of Interrailing Around Europe

If you want to experience an explosion of city life and culture in a condensed amount of time, interrailing is for you. Not only is it a great option for those who have a fear of flying, but it is ideal for individuals who want to travel as a group on a budget.Understandably, interrailing around Europe has its pros and cons and your enjoyment will most likely depend on the type of person you are. To get a taste of what ... Read more

5 Tips for Globetrotters Grounded by Fear of Flying

Can anybody claim they truly enjoy flying? Many of us seem to have at least one friend who claims it is not a frightening prospect, and that the experience of turbulence is fun. However, with around a fifth of the British population suffering from a fear of flying, and 10% staying firmly grounded, that means there are a large amount of wannabe globetrotters not fulfilling their wanderlust.The late and great Paul Mansfield, freelance contributor to Telegraph Travel, flew all over the ... Read more

Brexit Worry as Spain Predict Financial Disaster

It is not just expats that are uncertain about their futures in EU countries: Spain is also preparing to feel the brunt when the UK officially leaves the European Union. Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, is predicting a vast financial loss for the country if expats leave and tourists head elsewhere.Currently, Spain is home to over 300,000 officially registered British residents and around 68 million holidayed in the country last year. At a recent news conference in Madrid, Rajoy expressed concerns ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Live in India?

India has the second largest population in the world, home to approximately 1.25 billion people. Famed as a destination for expats who have been moved by their employer, or are searching for an alternative way of life, the number of Westerners heading to the country is steadily climbing year on year. With many Indian nationals emigrating to other countries for better educational and work opportunities, what is drawing foreigners to the country?The Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank, release their global ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Demolishes Tax-Free Living

Those living in the Middle East have always revelled in their tax-free living. The Saudi royal family have made it no secret that they have used the country’s immense wealth (from oil) to lavish benefits on its citizens. From free education and healthcare, to generous energy subsidies and well-paid government jobs, life in the Middle East is championed. However, this perfect bubble will soon be a distant memory, as value-added tax is forced upon Saudi Arabia as oil revenues nose-dive.Back in ... Read more

Is Paraguay the Place for Authentic South American Adventures?

Paraguay is often overshadowed by the dominant South American countries of Brazil and Argentina. Many comment that the country is lack lustre, with little in the way of impressive sites of natural beauty, or ancient historical relics. Furthermore, many are put-off by the lack of transport infrastructure that is present in the majority of South American countries. However, despite the prejudice that Paraguay faces, it is virtually free of tourists, and is a forgotten jewel of Latin America. Asuncion Behind the ritzy shopping ... Read more
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