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Worldwide Expat News - Page 10 of 292

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Popular Panama Enforces Stricter Rules for Expats

Panama is one of the most popular destinations for retirees in the world. Its affordable yet high-quality healthcare system and unparalleled weather make it a very easy place to live, particularly for the older generation. Panama’s Pensionado program has long been championed for its retiree benefits. Expat retirees are able to obtain residence easily and have access to a wide range of discounts, such as 50% off travel, healthcare, hotels and restaurants. However, according to local media reports, Panama’s immigration authority is bringing ... Read more

5 Of the World’s Best Countries for Healthcare

Luxembourg takes the top spot for health in the 2016 Global Prosperity Index. Created annually by London-based think tank The Legatum Institute, the survey ranks the most prosperous countries in the world. However, prosperity is not a term used to describe just the financial standing of a country, but covers other categories such as governance, personal freedom and education. Luxembourg If you were going to fall ill abroad Luxembourg would be the best place to do it. Not that we wish this upon ... Read more

Exploring Africa’s Smallest Gem: The Gambia

Nestled on the west coast of Africa, sandwiched in Senegal, is The Gambia. The smallest African country, The Gambia is a popular destination for those seeking winter sun and vast stretches of idyllic coastline. Known as ‘the smiling coast of Africa’ due the warm-hearted Gambian people, there is more to the country than the luxury resorts that adorn the coastline. There are great treasures hidden in The Gambia, you just have to glance beyond the swaying palms to find them. Tanji Village A traditional ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Japan?

Expats moving to Japan can find the level of culture shock they experience extreme. However, for many, this is what makes a life in the sovereign island nation so intoxicating. It is the fourth most visited country in Asia and roughly 2 million of those living in Japan are expatriates. The Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank, release their global Prosperity Index annually. The survey ranks the most prosperous countries in the world. Many assume prosperity is used in reference to the ... Read more

5 of Europe’s Most Beautiful National Parks

Paris, Venice, London. Europe is home to some of the most enchanting and cultured cities on the planet. Although these concrete jungles are rich with experiences, from shopping to cuisine, there are also an unfathomable array of landscapes enticing visitors from every corner of the globe. Peneda-Geres National Park, Portugal Known simply as Geres, Portugal’s only national park is over 300 million years old. The Iberian Peninsula was crushed against Europe, fusing together and creating part of Portugal’s mountainous northern border with Spain. Geres ... Read more

How Can British Expats Vote in the General Election?

Despite ruling out any chance of an early election, Theresa May surprised the British public with a U-turn decision back in late April. She announced that a snap general election would be taking place on 8th June in light of divisions at Westminster that risked hampering the Brexit negotiations. Below, British expats can find out all the information they need to know in regards to voting overseas at the UK general election on Thursday 8th June. Who Can Register as an Overseas Voter? If ... Read more

10 Core Items All Backpackers Need on Their Travels

Chances are, you could be living out of your backpack for several months. That rucksack may seem humungous at first but it is amazing how quickly it fills up. Going overboard and packing every bar the kitchen sink is an easy mistake to make. Aside from the usual clothing and shoes, there are certain items (many of which are multifunction) that you should never leave behind. Money Belt Unlike the oh so fashionable bum bag, money belts are a discreet and safer way ... Read more

The 7 Greatest Train Journey’s in the World

Many associate train travel with discomfort, heat and the weekly commute. However, when it comes to seeing the world by train, there is an old-fashioned appeal that cannot be matched by flying or driving. More often than not, you get to clap your eyes on some of the most hidden locations in the world from the comfort of your carriage. Kenya: Jambo Kenya Deluxe The Nairobi to Mombasa line is one of earth’s greatest train journeys and the train many opt for is ... Read more

Which City Is the Best to Live in for 2017?

Mercer recently revealed its 2017 Quality of Living City Rankings. In a repeat performance of the last eight years, Vienna tops the list as the most liveable city in the world. German and Swiss cities flood the top 10, with guest appearances from the likes of New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Mercer’s study examined social and economic conditions, health, education, housing and the environment of 231 cities. The results are often used by blue chip companies to assess how much they should ... Read more

How to Take the Best Travel Photos With Just a Smartphone

Social platform Instagram has completely changed the game when it comes to travel photography. Long gone are the days of 35mm film snaps on the beach only seen by family and friends. Today, inspirational travel images are saturated, glossy and easier to achieve than ever. Smartphone technology evolution now means that mobiles are built with the kind or jargon we see on DLSR camera adverts. The latest Samsung Galaxy has a 12-megapixel camera, f/1.7 lens and Optical Image Stabilisation. It can also ... Read more
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