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Expatriate Group is Supporting ‘Life Insurance Awareness Month’

Discounted Premiums During Life Awareness Month

If protecting your loved ones financially is a priority, then getting life insurance is an easy step in helping you accomplish that. It means they would be OK financially if anything were to happen to you.

And, what’s more, it is more affordable than you think. To see how affordable, Click Here to get an instant quote. And to celebrate Life Insurance Awareness month Expatriate Group are discounting premiums by 10% for new applications until the end of September.

Whilst life insurance cannot replace a loved one, it can make the path easier for those left behind

The vast majority of people recognise that it is important to protect loved ones, with life insurance, people are being urged to consider life insurance after shocking new figures reveal that most families are unprotected should the worst happen

Less than a third of people in the UK (30%) have life insurance, which equates to 8.1 million households – significantly less than the country’s 11.1 million mortgaged properties. And those numbers are expected to be even lower for expatriates, where there are generally fewer international providers of life insurance.

The good news is that Expatriate Group has the answer, with coverage available to people living in 171 countries around the world, from just £/$/€10 a month.

To recognise Life Insurance Awareness Month we are offering a 10% discount on premiums for business written between 15th/30th September.

Click here to get a quote.

Use the Affinity Code: LIAM2019

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