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International Healthcare News: Health benefits to good posture detailed

Expatriates might want to ensure they have a good posture in order to avoid making claims on international health insurance policies.

This is because, according to Adam Dallison, a registered osteopath and inventor of PosturePlast, this can have many positive effects on a person's wellbeing.

He argued nobody would suffer from pain in the lower back if people used their spines properly.

The expert asserted 90 per cent of all cases of this ailment are for mechanical or non-specific reasons, including "muscle and ligament pains and strains" or injuries to discs.

These only occur due to poor posture or "incorrect use", Mr Dallinson remarked.

Furthermore, recovery time for damage to the lower back is reduced if people maintain the correct stance, he noted, explaining this is because the site of pain "is not constantly under physical stress".

Holding the body correctly also makes men and women appear more confident, slimmer and taller, the osteopath claimed.

This reduces vascular and internal organ flow in the stomach area, which he said can improve a person's performance.

The Cleveland Clinic noted proper posture minimises the wearing of joint surfaces and could reduce a person's likelihood of suffering from arthritis.

Furthermore, it lessens the chance of a backbone becoming "fixed in abnormal positions" and curtails stress on the ligaments within the spine, the medical practice continued.

Mr Dallinson claimed a person consumes energy unnecessarily in a slouching position.

Moving when in the correct posture needs less power, which is related to fewer chronic and acute injuries, the expert stated.

Every part of the vertebral column has a defined function and evolved in order to move in a particular manner, he added.

"Just think how much the world has changed since the days of cavemen and yet our bodies haven't really changed," Mr Dallinson declared.

This has resulted in many members of the public having poor postures, he argued.

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