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International Health Insurance News: Slouching 'causes back pain'

Expatriates may wish to avoid slouching in order to avoid making a claim on international medical insurance policies.

Adam Dallison, registered osteopath and inventor of PosturePlast, said sitting in this manner results in the spine's ligaments stretching, which can hamper the function of this body part.

He explained resting in this position means the muscles take over the control of posture instead of the vertebra, which can cause aches and fatigue at the end of the day.

Ligaments exist to limit movement as well as bind the bones together and have a "low-energy threshold".

He called these body parts "maintainers", contrasting them with muscles, which are "do-ers".

Slouching can also cause herniation or tears as it causes stress to the lower back's discs, Mr Dallison continued, adding a spinal prolapse, or when "internal fluid seeps out", is also a possibility when sitting in a slouching position.

"Think of jam coming out of the hole in a donut," the expert suggested.

He noted people suffering from back pain usually visit a medical professional, who typically recommends pain killers and gentle movement.

For persistent pain, physiotherapy is often required, while individuals with expatriate medical insurance or private healthcare plans can also visit osteopaths and chiropractors who can manipulate the spine as a form of therapy, Mr Dallison stated.

He recommended sufferers to "keep moving rather than resorting to bed rest", as well as utilising ibuprofen or paracetamol to assist them in managing their pain.

Furthermore, "postural control improvement and movement education" were also highlighted as successful remedies for this ailment by the expert.

It is estimated 80 per cent of people will develop lower back pain at some stage of life, with this problem frequently thought to be caused by poor lifting, bad posture such as when at an office desk or watching television, strains to the muscles, joints and ligaments and other mechanical factors.

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