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International Health Insurance News: Exercise 'can be fun'

Expatriate international health insurance policyholders may wish to ensure they exercise regularly.

Psychologist Dr David Homes argued this does not have to involve pain or suffering and can be pleasant.

Activities such as cleaning vigorously, walking briskly or dancing may be enjoyable and appropriate for some people, he explained.

The expert noted that it depends on an individual's personality as to which method of working out is the best for them, as some "may be less suitable and amenable" for certain character types.

However, a flexible approach to this healthy habit will enable members of the public to integrate it into their daily routine, Dr Homes pointed out.

"It doesn't have that imposition that you have when you've got to face going to the gym or going out for a run with the preparation and the anticipation," he asserted.

The psychologist noted that people generally have rather fixed personalities and preferences, which can be reflected in their ideal exercising strategies.

Some may enjoy socialising and be particularly extroverted, so arranging walks, salsa dancing or other methods of working out with others "sits very well" with them, the expert said.

Others can be more introverted and prefer to engage in activities by themselves, but products such as the Nintendo Wii or workout DVDs can enable them to have fun while performing physical activities, he continued.

Dr Holmes declared that it is "much easier to work with somebody's personality than try and work against it" or to encourage them to do things they would otherwise dislike.

Exercise is a healthy routine and should make people feel better, in control and more confident and ought not to be a "horrible weight" on their back, he added.

Working out regularly has been shown to cut the risk of suffering from some cancers, stroke, type two diabetes, heart disease, depression and dementia, as well as many other conditions.

Furthermore, sleep quality is improved, mood is enhanced and self esteem generally becomes better through physical activity.

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