Expats in Bali face alcohol shortage -
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Expats in Bali face alcohol shortage

British expatriates who have settled in Bali are facing the unthinkable: a shortage of alcohol.

The island’s authorities have begun confiscating liquor after having discovered it was being sold with counterfeit tax labels.

The initiative has led hoteliers to complain as they are short of drinks and worried about how the initiative will affect the tourist trade.

Perry Markus, head of the Bali branch of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association, said: "We’ve asked for this confiscation process to be temporarily suspended because we are running out of stocks."

So far, thousands of bottles have been confiscated from the island’s top hotels and bars.

"We asked the customs office to stop the process and if they have to do something please continue it later on after the high season," commented Ida Bagus Subhiksu, head of the Bali Tourism Board.

Expatriates living in Bali have a number of clubs and associations they can choose to join, including the Royal Bali Yacht Club, the Bali International Women’s Association and the Kuta Small Business Association.

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