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Expatriates in Spain say no to motorway

British expatriates living in Spain are hoping to protect the Sierra de Arcena park, 50 miles from Seville, from new motorways.

According to the protestors, the new roads will damage the area’s delicate natural balance, reports the Sunday Telegraph.

Lady Victoria Leatham, 61, who has a house in the park, says the wooded hills are the lungs of the region "and what is being proposed will not bring a single benefit to the area".

She told the paper: "What enrages me is the tragedy of destroying the peace and quiet of an area that is quite beautiful and special for so many reasons."

The Spanish government hopes to build two motorways and upgrade an existing road to a high-speed dual carriageway.

Lady Leatham told the Sunday Telegraph: "I’ll be marching against this absurdity until they realise the huge mistake they are making."

By 2007, there were 761,000 Britons living in Spain and the country had more UK expatriates than any other.

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