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Expatriates in France will get national paper

Expatriates living in France are to get a newspaper dedicated to their interests, the French Post.

According to its editor Michael Streeter, the publication will not be just another British paper, but aim to be aligned with French current affairs.

"The Post will not inhabit a parallel universe or be separate from France: we want it to be part of the very fabric of French society," he told the Guardian.

Targeted at the 200,000 expatriates who have settled in the country, the newspaper will also serve the further 200,000 Brits who have a holiday home across the channel.

Also to be made available online, the first issue is set to arrive on the newsstands in June.

The French Post describes itself as "inspiring and entertaining, practical and informative", with "essential news, must-read stories, lively comment, expert advice and useful information to help make your life in France everything that you want it to be".

Travel to France was disrupted recently by French fishing vessels blocking the channel ports – although this is unlikely to deter the thousands of Brits who continue to emigrate there.

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