Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Germany 'set for growth in retail and office sectors' -
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Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Germany 'set for growth in retail and office sectors'

Expatriate health insurance policyholders looking to relocate abroad should know that Germany is expected to witness strong growth in its retail, office and industrial sectors.

Simon Mallinson, director of European research at Investco, said the country is doing well economically, which might attract investment from expat medical insurance customers.

"Germany is a popular destination. Business travel is increasing, tourism is increasing as well and the hotel market is another strong performer in the German market," he commented at the Global Investment Club webinar hosted by Property Week.

Mr Mallinson said Germany is showing "strong" performance in the office sector because the lack of new developments planned in the country means there is plenty of tenant demand, which is pushing up rent prices.

He also remarked that industrial gives a "strong underlying base", which is set to undergo strong growth if exports in other European countries show sustained recovery.

His comments follow research by bfinance showing that European rentals could be affected by government spending cuts, particularly in countries where demand for office space is linked to the public sector.

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