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Expatriate Healthcare News: Expat boom boosts Saudi Arabia population

The number of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia has boosted the kingdom’s population to over 27 million.

According to data released by the Ministry of Economy and Planning’s General Statistics Department, the number of expatriates living in the country last year stood at 8.4 million, 70 per cent of whom were male.

The population seems to have undergone a boom since the last general census of 2004, which pegged the number at 22.6 million, including 6.1 million expatriates.

The Saudi Press Agency said the preliminary figures were correct as of April 27th this year.

In connected news, expatriate health insurance policyholders living in Saudi Arabia could find their BlackBerry services are limited from today (August 6th), after the government cracked down on messenger, email and internet browsing facilities over security concerns.

The kingdom’s Communications and Information Technology Commission has ordered the three main mobile phone providers to block BlackBerry services or risk facing a $1.3 million fine, AFP reported.

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