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Expatriate Health Insurance News: Spanish town takes direct action on dogs' mess

Walking down the street or through a park and accidentally standing in dogs' mess is an incredibly unpleasant experience as is seeing the substance anywhere in public.

Some places seem to have more of a problem with pet owners not picking up after their canines than others but one town in Spain has found a solution.

Brunete, not far from Madrid has seen an initiative known as Caca Express undertaken by the McCann advertising agency and supported by the local council, reports the Telegraph.

Volunteers follow owners that have been seen not picking up the excrement and engage them in conversation, obtaining the name of the dog.

This information is then cross referenced with the animals registered on the council's database of pets and the owner gets a surprise in the post.

Their pet's mess is sent to them in a little box with a note that says they will be issued with a fine if they fail to pick up after their dog in the future.

It seems that this form of direct action is having a big effect on public awareness as after 147 deliveries the council has recorded a 70 per cent decline in pooch poo in public places.

Brunete's problem with dogs' mess has been going on for many years and a number of different tactics have been used to try and solve the issue.

Last year a pile of excrement was put on wheels along with the message: "Don't leave me – pick me up" and then guided around public spaces by way of a remote control.

Sadly this tactic did not work but the new Caca Express scheme has triumphed where the remote controlled poo failed.

Expatriates want to feel proud of the place that they have adopted as their new home and it being clean and tidy helps to evoke such feelings.

Now those living in Brunete can show their city off to visitors without having to watch where they put their feet.

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