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Expatriate Health Insurance News: Luanda regains top spot for most expensive city for expats

Luanda, the capital of the African nation of Angola, has returned to the top spot on a list of the most expensive cities to live worldwide for expatriates.

In research carried out by the consulting group Mercer every year, the city has once again taken over from Tokyo to be the priciest for foreigners to live in.

Items such as food, housing, transport and entertainment are all costed in 214 cities across the world in order to find out which ones require the biggest compensation allowances for expat workers.

This year’s rankings see Luanda followed by Moscow at number two and last year’s most expensive – Tokyo, at number three.

Barb Marder, a senior partner at Mercer, said: “Despite being one of Africa’s major oil producers, Angola is a relatively poor country yet expensive for expatriates since imported goods can be costly.

“In addition, finding secure living accommodations that meet the standards of expatriates can be challenging and quite costly.”

The high prices charged to rent houses and flats in Moscow along with the cost of imported goods account for why the Russian capital came out in second place.

Anyone moving to the city can expect to pay $4,600 (£2,995) a month for an unfurnished two-bedroom luxury apartment and around $8.29 for a cup of coffee.

This can be compared to other popular destinations for expats, such as Sydney, where a similar apartment can be rented for $2,551 and a cup of coffee costs $5.58.

The rest of the surveys top ten was completed with fellow African nation Chad’s capital N’Djamena then Singapore, Hong Kong, Geneva, Zurich, Bern and Sydney.

Although the majority of companies sending employees to work abroad will take research such as this survey from Mercer into account, it is important that individuals are aware of these factors too.

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