Expatriate Healthcare

Expatriate Group Director Lee Gerry Talks iPMI Trends & Developments with Global Health Insider

After last year’s interview discussing Expatriate Group’s customer-centric business model, Global Health Insider brought Expatriate Group’s Director, Lee Gerry, back for an exclusive interview. Powered by the team from ExpatFinder.com, Mr Gerry discusses the latest developments in Expatriate Group such as the company’s improvements in customer service and the introduction of new products and benefits.

In the interview, Mr Gerry explains:

“Expatriate Group’s products and services are constantly evolving. We are under a continuous enhancement process, looking for all the 1% improvements and marginal gains to our customer service, as well as introducing new products and benefits to widen and enhance our existing portfolio.

We’ve just completed an overhaul of our online system to simplify the enrolment and fulfilment of our healthcare and travel products. These have been well received by customers, especially the new improved travel benefits and healthcare areas of cover.”

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