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Expatriate employees increase

New figures show that the number of expatriates working overseas has doubled in the last five years.

A survey conducted by Mercer found that the continuing trend towards globalisation has seen an increase in Brits on international assignments.

Its report found that nearly half (47 per cent) of companies asked admitted that they had increased the deployment of ‘traditional expatriates’.

These are employees who have been sent on foreign assignments likely to last between one and five years.

Meanwhile, 38 per cent of companies questioned reported a rise in ‘global nomads’ – workers who continuously move from country to country on different tasks.

"The growth has been driven by companies’ desire to be globally competitive," said Robert Lockley, principal in Mercer’s international business.

"To successfully launch new ventures abroad and gain advantage over competitors, companies generally bring in their own experts from other locations to lead projects on a short-term basis, rather than rely on local talent."

A separate survey carried out by online jobs firm The Network recently found that 30 per cent of people across 18 different countries would accept a position overseas if it fitted with their ambitions.

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