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Expat Medical Insurance News: NHS care for expats proposed

Expatriates returning to the UK could have free NHS treatment under new proposals put forward by the government.

The Department of Health has launched a consultation to examine whether to introduce a series of changes that will see British people leaving abroad for up to six months at a time receive free access on the NHS, according to Shelter Offshore.

Currently, if expats spend three months or more abroad and then return to the UK for non-emergency treatment, they might be forced to pay for their care.

But the consultation is proposing an extension of these three months to six, meaning that expatriates living at least part of the time overseas could have free NHS treatment should they need it when they return.

The consultation also suggests charging foreign visitors for care in a bid to prevent so-called health tourists from visiting the country to receive treatment and adding further pressure to the NHS.

Expats wishing to keep control of their healthcare bills while living abroad may wish to consider an expat insurance plan.

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