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Welcome to this edition of Expat News

Country Feature - DUBAI (UAE)

Each month, in association with Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) 'Know Before You Go', we will provide you with information on a particular country or region. This month we focus on Dubai

"An increasing number of Brits are more generally showing an interest in buying property in Dubai and in the rest of the United Arab Emirates. It's easy to see why, as there are many reasons to live or have a second home in the UAE. . ."

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This information has been provided by FCO Travel Advice

Expatriate Healthcare update the news everyday on their website. Here's a round up of the top stories from last month.

Monthly round-up:

Over September, several stories encouraged people to relocate to Australia. It was described as the only developed country on Earth to have weathered the recent financial crisis, a good place for children to grow up in and a simple transition for English-speaking expatriates.

Spain was also heavily recommended, with incentives from the Spanish government aimed at encouraging overseas investors to purchase real estate discussed, alongside reports that it is a better location to move to than the Canary Islands.

Osteoarthritis also appeared in many reports. Certain foodstuffs are said to exacerbate this condition, but exercise is believed to help sufferers control it. The ailment was linked to weight gain and research found it was related to obesity in childhood.

Further news discussing unhealthy weight gain included claims the public do not understand the risk factors for this, as well as expert advice to make lifestyle changes as well as dieting when trying to shed a few pounds.

Emotional turmoil was also correlated with overeating and arguments that people with mental health problems require more support were detailed, while a study discovered people with epilepsy have a greater chance of suffering from conditions such as schizophrenia.

Read on to catch up on other health news from around the world . . .

India 'home of many festivals'

Expat health insurance customers in India may wish to attend some of its key religious or ceremonial events. These include Diwali or Deepvalu, which is held to commemorate the goddess Durga, according to thetravelmagazine.net editor Sharron Livingston. She noted that this is "the festival of lights", which occurs between October 15th and November 15th.

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Overseas property investment 'requires research'

Expat health insurance policyholders considering investing in overseas real estate could still make some money from this strategy, it has been claimed. Property-Abroad.com director Les Calvert noted that this requires research into how the location was affected during the recession. Furthermore, buying assets in popular holiday destinations needs consideration of how the tourist industry is faring, he added. The expert said: "It is appealing to people if they are doing their homework."

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UN NCD summit 'is major opportunity'

Expat health insurance customers may wish to pay close attention to the United Nations (UN) summit on non-communicable disease (NCD). This is because it could be "one of the most significant events in global health for many, many years", according to World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) director of science and communications Dr Kate Allen. She explained that attempts to reduce the proliferation of preventable cancer cases, such as by tackling poor diets, physical inactivity, obesity and smoking, will also curtail the number of people diagnosed with other ailments.

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Incontinence sufferers urged to seek medical help

Expat health insurance policyholders that suffer from incontinence may wish to visit a doctor or GP for treatment. This is "not an inevitable part of aging", communications manager for the Bladder and Bowel Foundation Gill Turton argued. Although people are more likely to be affected by this ailment as they get older, individuals of both genders and of any age can be affected, she continued.

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Expat child custody laws 'need changing'

Expatriate medical insurance policyholders may be some of those affected if the laws relating to custodial parents taking children with them when relocating abroad are altered. This legislation is "desperately in need of both clarification and change", Divorce Aid member and International Family Law Group managing partner Ann Thomas said. Currently, there is "too great a bias" towards the wishes of the primary residential parent, she explained.

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Panama real estate 'is good investment'

Expat insurance customers may wish to consider purchasing real estate in Panama. The country "offers an attractive blend of developing world opportunity and first world security", ThePanamaReport.com founder Matt Landau explained. He claimed the investment opportunities for properties are "tremendous", with recently constructed green buildings, a small visa for investors and tax exoneration lasting 20 years some of the reasons why this is the case.

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Barbados 'is a beautiful location'

Expat health insurance customers may wish to consider relocating abroad to Barbados. It "has fantastic tax rates", Propertyshowrooms.com agents and media manager Terry Hobbs noted, pointing out that these mainly apply to enterprises. Nationals and foreigners have the same rights when purchasing real estate, although it is recommended that expatriates and overseas investors seek permits from the Central Bank of Barbados, the expert continued.

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Expats succeed setting up firms abroad

International healthcare insurance policyholders may wish to consider relocating abroad and setting up a business. Research from the NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB) Quality of Life Index found 70 per cent of expatriate entrepreneurs believe they have accomplished more from establishing a firm overseas. Singapore, Hong Kong and the US were highlighted as particularly good nations for enterprises, while Spain, the UAE and China were described as the worst.

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Balanced diet 'must consider food groups'

Expatriate healthcare insurance customers looking to follow a balanced diet must make sure they consume produce from all the main food groups. This is according to nutrition consultant for Greatvine.com Charlotte Stirling-Reed, who noted people are often confused by what constitutes a balanced diet. She highlighted "fruit and vegetables, wholegrain carbohydrates, dairy foods and non-dairy sources of protein" as important, noting these will ensure people receive the nutrients that are required on a daily basis.

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Relaxing activities 'promote healthy sleep'

Expatriate health insurance policyholders may wish to follow the advice of one expert and carry out relaxing activities before bedtime in order to improve their sleep. Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council explained reading, listening to music and painting can all help relax the mind at the end of the day. "All of us need to find that thing or things which helps us to switch off," she remarked, adding some activities - such as watching television - are not recommended as they stimulate the brain.

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