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Monthly round-up: September 2010

September has seen the publication of many reports regarding expatriates' lifestyles, from the study by HSBC showing that expats in Russia earn an average income of more than $250,000 to a survey by uSwitch.com, which revealed that expatriates living in France and Spain have the best quality of life in Europe.

Quirky stories this month have included the ongoing saga of the "milkshake murderer"; an expatriate woman who was once convicted of murdering her husband with the aid of a drugged beverage and is now in the news asking for a dismissal of her retrial.

Here are some of the stories that have affected expatriates this month:

Russia boasts richest expats in the world

Expatriate health insurance policyholders with an annual income of more than $250,000 are increasingly turning to Russia, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as places to live, research has suggested. A study by HSBC Bank International revealed that the wealth gap between the East and mainland Europe continues to widen, with expatriates in emerging economies taking over from their eurozone counterparts.

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'Milkshake murderer' might not face retrial

An expatriate convicted of murdering her husband with a drugged milkshake and a blow to the head will ask a judge to dismiss a retrial against her. Nancy Kissel was found guilty of husband Robert's murder in 2005 after the former investment banker's body was found wrapped in a rug in a basement storeroom near the expatriate couple's luxury Hong Kong flat.

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Middle East 'becoming more popular'

More expatriates and other visitors are travelling to the Middle East now that the financial situation in Dubai has stabilised, cheapflights.co.uk has ascertained. Nadine Hallak, a spokesperson for the price comparison website, said that travel started picking up again when the Emirates began slashing their hotel prices by more than half.

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Expat speaks of earthquake shock

An expatriate from Scotland has told his former local paper about the earthquake that has rocked his family home in Christchurch, New Zealand. Chris Andrews, originally from Carnoustie, spoke to The Courier about the natural disaster that hit the country last Saturday (September 4th), damaging 100,000 homes in New Zealand's second-largest city.

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Expatriates 'should take out international health insurance'

Expatriates could be facing costly hospital treatment if they are taken ill overseas without medical insurance, research has shown. In findings that highlight the importance of expat health insurance cover, Sainsbury's research revealed that the cost of hospital treatment abroad has climbed 6.25 per cent year-on-year to an average of 2,040.

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Expat's home 'attacked after alleged insult'

An expatriate living in Indonesia has reportedly had his villa and motorcycle set on fire after he allegedly insulted a group of Muslims. Stephen Alexander, a German expat who has lived on the island of Lombok for ten years, is said to have interrupted evening prayers by accusing local villagers of vandalising one of the statues in his front garden and verbally attacking the morals of the Muslim witnesses.

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Quality of life 'is subjective'

Relocating abroad for a better quality of life will depend on each expatriate medical insurance policyholder's perception of an improved lifestyle, a property website has said. Paul Collins, property editor of BuyAssociation, commented on research by uSwitch.com, which revealed that Spain and France boast the best quality of life for expatriates.

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Kuwait axes sponsorship system

Overseas medical insurance policyholders considering moving to Kuwait for work could be swayed by the news that the country is set to axe its controversial sponsorship system for expatriate workers next February. Mohammed al-Afasi, minister of social affairs, is quoted by AFP news agency as saying that the programme will end when a public authority focusing on the recruitment of expat health insurance customers is established early next year.

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Taiwan defends ban on HIV patients

Taiwan has attempted to defend a decision not to allow blue-collar expatriates with Aids or HIV into the country, claiming it cannot support the medical burden that is associated with treating them. According to Focus Taiwan, the deputy director general of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Chou Chih-hao, pointed out that the country allocates more than $1 billion Taiwan dollars a year ($31 million) to cover most of the medical costs for patients with the condition.

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