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Monthly round-up: October 2010

Expatriates around the world have been gearing up this month for the autumn period, with many looking towards investing in overseas property, considering taking up jobs in other countries, or even taking advantage of the off-peak travel season to book a cheap holiday.

A number of surveys and studies into the lives of expatriates have also been conducted this month, with several showing that once they have moved abroad, the majority of people enjoy their lifestyles so much that they cannot see themselves ever returning home.

One such poll pointed out the importance of overseas medical insurance for prospective expats, because a significant proportion believes the standard of medical care is not as high in their adopted country as what they are used to.

Here are some of the stories that have affected expatriates this month:

Oslo and Stockholm 'good markets for investors'

Now is a very good time for expatriate health insurance policyholders to invest in Scandinavian countries, a property expert has said. Alessandro Bronda, head of global investment strategy at Aberdeen Asset Management, commented that all Nordic markets are expected to out-do the eurozone with regard to employment growth, while foreign investment in the region is set to continue doing well - good news for expatriate medical insurance customers considering relocating abroad.

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Germany 'set for growth in retail and office sectors'

Expatriate health insurance policyholders looking to relocate abroad should know that Germany is expected to witness strong growth in its retail, office and industrial sectors. Simon Mallinson, director of European research at Investco, said the country is doing well economically, which might attract investment from expat medical insurance customers.

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British 'are most enthusiastic about relocating abroad'

Overseas medical insurance policyholders originally hailing from Britain are much more enthusiastic than any other nationality when purchasing property abroad, an industry expert has said. Nigel Lewis, head of content at the Digital Property Group, explained that the passion for overseas home buying is 50 years old and while expatriate health insurance customers from Germany have tried to match their British counterparts, the latter have been more enthusiastic about relocating abroad.

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'Get legal advice' when buying home abroad

Among the things to consider when relocating abroad is obtaining independent legal advice throughout the property buying process, a lawyer has stated. Savvas Savvides, partner at law firm Michael Kyprianou and Co, encouraged expatriate medical insurance policyholders to do their research in order to find the right legal practice to represent them.

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Expatriate medical insurance 'could be vital'

Employees thinking of relocating abroad might find expatriate medical insurance is vital because their health can suffer as a result of the new lifestyle, research has found. According to HR Magazine, a survey has found that more than two in five (44 per cent) expats believe healthcare abroad is not of the same standard as in their home country, while one in five claims that their health levels have deteriorated since moving abroad.

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Dubai announces workers' rights project

Overseas medical insurance customers working in Dubai are set to have their rights protected by new federal regulation. The National reports that a joint project between the UN's International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the emirate's Ministry of Labour will help to regulate the significant number of recruitment agencies that are in operation there.

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Australia 'boasts good employment opportunities'

Global health insurance policyholders considering relocating abroad to Australia are being assured that the economic climate makes working in the country "very easy", according to YHA Australia. Mandy Monk, European sales and marketing consultant for the accommodation network, said any visitor on a working holiday visa could find plenty of employment opportunities Down Under.

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Half of expats 'will never return home'

Over half (52 per cent) of British expatriate medical insurance policyholders who relocate abroad cannot imagine themselves moving home, research by Lloyds TSB International has revealed. The study found the primary motivating factors for people to seek a new life abroad is to pursue a better career and salary options, with 29 per cent of employees aged 45-55 years citing this as their main reason for leaving.

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